Saturday, 17 May 2008

Is This The End For Boat Cove?

There was a very disappointing turn out for the Boat Cove Association general meeting on Friday night which has left committee members feeling that maybe it is the end of an era.

So many people showed an interest when the issues concerning the Cove were first raised that a proper group had to be formed to get things organised. Now that that group has been formed, (The Boat Cove Association) it seems that local people are quite prepared to let them get on with it. With only a handful of members however, that task will be neigh on impossible.

The National Trust are only working with the association because they feel that it is of interest to the whole community. If they think it is for just a very small group it is unlikely they will be as willing, and who could blame them?

All those with Kayaks that have expressed an interest are it is felt, among the new users for Boat Cove as it keeps them away from Perran beach with all the children and swimmers, and gives them a safe place to launch their craft and enjoy the sea, yet none turned out for the meeting.

It is going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of money to get Boat Cove back to the usable amenity it has always been. There is funding available but with such a lack of interest from local people it is highly unlikely that any of that funding will be made available for Boat Cove.

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  1. I am inclined to go with the natural demise of the shed and slip. If one is ever neede again for proper working boats not just pleasure then I am sure something could be arranged with the NT and funds would be made available.

  2. Having viewed the Boatshed from the cove side it certainly does have to be demolished. The cost of replacing it along with the slipway will be far to expensive there is a lot of sentiment surrounding this issue but I feel the time has come perhaps a plaque somewhere in the area just to remember the great village characters that used the cove, Percy Curnow,Jack Brewer, Billy Thomas & Johnny Laity to name but a few?

  3. I agree, it is time for the boat shed to go.

  4. It will be a sad day when the boat shed goes but we too feel that the time has come. It is far too dangerous as it is and to see a new one there would be quite ugly we feel.

    We personally would not like to see boat cove turned into a place for kayaks and canoes. The boats that have been there up till now are proper jobs and fit in with the feel of the cove.

  5. The history of BOAT COVE needs to be recorded .I spent my the first eighteen years of life in and around Perran. In 50s and early 60s.I used to go fishing with Percy or Jack on a summer evening, wind the boats up the cove using the winch that was on the cliff side of the boat shed. There are some very good memories of Boat Cove. Alan PEARCE. arpearce'

  6. I have so many happy memories of Boat Cove. As children my sister Sarah and I used to go out fishing occasionally with our Dad to catch mackerel (which we refused to eat!), though I'm ashamed to say that I can't remember whose boat we used to go out in. We also went out with the Thornileys in their blue sea king. I used to enjoy exploring the rock pools, especially around the remains of the Saluto (wrecked in 1911). Andy Speake (son of Pat from Withey Cottages) and grandson of long standing resident Muriel Harvey (d. 2000 and interred in the churchyard).