Monday, 8 June 2009

Church Room Update

Following Februarys Church Room consoltation event all the ideas, problems, solutions and potential activities from members of the community relating to the Church Room have been gathered together.

A project development group consisting of both Church and Community representatives have worked hard over the past 4 months to thrash out which of the ideas from the consultation day are feasible and a consensus has been reached!

There was a high level of support for some sort of shelter at the front of the building so that the outside space can be used without the fear of sun stroke. These items were requested as a high priority by our community and so we would like to address them quickly in a small, affordable project this summer.

The project group went away and did some extensive research into awnings and gazebos but it soon became clear that these would not be suitable for a number of reasons e.g capital cost, repair and maintenance, weather resistance, planning issues. It was felt that a simple set of parasols will suffice but we would need new tables which had a central hole for a parasol and it was also noted that lightweight tables outside would be much easier for the helpers to carry.

Therefore the project group has applied for three grants to help with the cost of the following;

Purchase 6 sets of Acacia hardwood garden furniture. Lightweight. Each set comprising 1 square dining table and 4 dining chairs. Hole in centre of each table for a parasol.

Purchase 6 Sun-shade parasols

Purchase 2 cantilever shelters – one to cover the book stall and one for the cake stall

Dig out and concrete the rear pathway and construct a "Dry Store" (to accommodate the 6 Tables and 24 chairs and parasols) with a pitched roof & lockable entrance.

Gutters near the entrance to rear will be revamped to ensure improved drainage.

Purchase anti-slip trays to reduce the risk of spilling hot drinks and melamine ramekins for very small quantities of cream and jam and a cool bag to keep the food fresh in line with food hygiene recommendations.

[At the February consultation event there were a lot of comments relating to the use of the kitchen – overcrowding, health and safety etc. One sensible suggestion put forward at the consultation event was ‘Teas need a meeting of those involved to organise it a bit more without loosing the lovely atmosphere’. This point was taken on board and a meeting was duly held. Lots of good suggestions about improving ways of working came forward at this well-attended meeting and the non-slip trays, tiny ramekins and cool bag were requested to make the serving safer & hygienic.]

We will have to wait to see if the applications have been successful or not. Hopefully we'll know by the end of next week in each case.

Information will be posted on here as soon as it becomes avaiable.

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