Friday, 19 June 2009

Important Update - Plans For The Cabin

This planning application for the Cabin has now been withdrawn

I have copied Pippa's latest comment in a new post to make sure everyone gets to see it.

All those for and against need to express their views as soon as possible.

Pippa's Comment:

I spoke to Lesley yesterday and today and with her permission I would like to make sure that everyone knows that:


Amended plans may be prepared, but at this moment it is not certain when they will be available, or what changes will be made.

Anyone who wishes to express their views should do so based on the plans which I still have available for viewing at Churchtown House.

The parish Council have to make their recommendations before July 1st and will be discussing this issue on 25th June.

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  1. Thank you to whoever did the drawing on the photograph of the present cabin & filled in the outline against the proposed plans - very helpful to everyone. Thanks for what you do. Diana