Thursday, 22 October 2009

Church Room Update

To recap the story so far…

Last February residents were invited to take part in a consultation event in the Church Room. Lots of great ideas were put forward to improve the fabric and use of the building.

The findings of the consultation event were published and are still available on the village website.

A working group was then pulled together with representatives from both the Church congregation and members of the wider community. This group worked hard to research the options, determine feasibility and to form a consensus on which of the ideas could be accommodated in the scope of the project. A strong project was defined.

Over the summer, some ‘quick wins’ were identified and a mini-project was funded to ensure that some action was taking place. The community’s own Open Gardens fundraising efforts paid for the new summer furniture and some small items of kitchen equipment in time for the summer events. Grants from the Parish Council (£622.23) and the former Penwith District Council’s Village Hall Grant (£ 1,377.76) have paid for the garden furniture store to be built to the rear of the building (work in progress), thereby freeing up valuable floor-space inside the building.

Latest news

Now that the summer is over, the hard work begins again in earnest. Applications are being written to the Church and Community Fund, Awards for All and others requesting funds for the all important final phase of the Church Room refurbishment.

This refurbishment aims to maximise the potential of the Church Room for use by all members of the community. Specifically we aim to:
  1. encourage more people (beyond the usual Church-going congregation) to use the hall as a general community facility. We hope to bring the room up to a standard which is suitable for the wide range of community activity ideas put forward at the February consultation event
  2. ensure the building design addresses the practical needs of the very young, the elderly and those with disabilities as far as is reasonably practicable
  3. maximise and make best use of the space available with bespoke, creative storage solutions, compact equipment and sensible working arrangements
For further details please contact Katie Kirk on 01736 710907

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