Friday, 20 August 2010

Updated - Dispute Over Land Access

Disputes over access to land are far from uncommon, in fact there is one going on right now, right under our noses.

As you walk down the lane at Trenow if you look to the right you will see the area where two farmers are in dispute over access.


Farmer 'A' rented the fields from farmer 'C' who reportedly made a gap in the hedge and put up a gate to gain access to the fields beyond. Farmer 'A' intends to graze cattle in the fields.

Farmer 'B' responded by taking down the gate and dumping a load of earth in its place, preventing access to the fields.

Farmer 'A' believes they are perfectly entitled to access due to a track being marked on an old Ordnance Survey map (1910). This is not the same map as the one in a post earlier this year relating to Trenow Quarry Footpath.

Farmer 'B' believes there is not, and never has been a track which would allow access to the fields.

Things like this are upsetting for all concerned, it seems a shame that some sort of arrangement could not have been made before things went this far.

Meanwhile the cow and her calf, having been purchased by farmer 'A' are left to chew the cud in their paddock until something is sorted.

The matter is in the hands of solicitors.

NB - Neither farmer 'A', 'B' or 'C' asked for this report in an effort to rally support.
Farmers 'A' and 'B' are currently in negotiations.

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