Monday, 6 December 2010

Warning - Check You Receipts - Cash Back Scam

It has come to my attention that there is a very nasty scam going around. Apparetnly cashiers are adding cash back to purchases that people have not asked for. They then give the cash back to a friend who is in the queue behind you!

The scam involves amounts from £20 - £40 but I guess it can involve any amount, depending on what the cashiers feels he/she can get away with. So far Sainsburys have had the most incidents of this as they are one of the largest retailers but it is certainly not limited to them. This scam can be done anywhere at any store when paying by debit or credit card so please, please check your reciepts!

Stay safe everyone.



  1. This is a good warning to everyone,But! If you don`t ask for cash back the money drawer does not open, the drawer only opens when you specifically ask for cash back, this we have noticed in Tesco and Asda.
    You would know something is wrong when you have refused cash back but the money drawer opens anyway.Unless the cashier`s know something we don`t.


  2. Just an urban legend I'm afraid. Please read this Hoax-Slayer link:-