Wednesday, 14 May 2008

No Television in Perranuthnoe!!!!!!

TV reception has always been poor in the Churchtown area but looking on the digital web site it gives a signal estimate from Redruth transmitter ----No Freeview now, but also NO FREEVIEW (including BBC1,BBC2,ITV1 etc ) at the normal TV 'switch off' next summer and for the future up to 2013!!!!

Digital UK suggest having a satellite dish, which will according to Penwith Planning require 'planning approval' and in the conservation area may be refused!!!

Has anyone experience of trying a 'set top box' in the poor reception areas of Churchtown?

I for one do not look forward to paying for planning fees + a satellite dish installation + decoder box to watch any TV.

Can our local counsellors offer any help?

Submitted by Tony Hewitt

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  1. I live in Greeb Way and dont have a problem with freeview

  2. Just to re-assure and hopefully stop some concerns, we, live on the edge of the village, not right in the middle but I doubt if that makes much difference to the quality of reception, and have received excellent Freeview reception from Redruth for about 18 months.

    We have not needed to revert to analogue on any day since we first tried Freeview.

    I suspect the map is over cautious in case there are some pockets that cannot get an adequate signal.

  3. I don't actually live in Perranuthnoe, but I believe the accepted test is if you can get a good reception for channel 5, you are likely to get freeview too