Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Anyone Need Any Hardcore

I have about a tonne (a good trailer load) of hard core if anyone in the village is about to embark on a patio/garden project and can make use of it!

Tell: Michaela 01736 758208

Friday, 4 September 2020

Volunteers Needed To Rake Up The Churchyard

Residents of Perranuthnoe

It's your churchyard.

The church yard has now had its annual cut.

Volunteers are invited to come at your leisure, any time soon, to rake up the cut grass . Half an hour of your time may be all that is needed to do a small share.

If you could rake up a section and leave it in a small heap by a path, it will be taken to the main heap at a later date. This makes it obvious to others which bit you have done.

It should be a sunny weekend so the perfect opportunity to help.  Or come later in the week if it's not finished. So please come and do your bit for the Community. 

Thank you in advance 

Susan Dodds

Questions 07752843743