Monday, 25 January 2010

HAITI - ShelterBox Appeal

On Saturday 23rd Jan, The "SOUP KITCHEN" for the Haita - ShelterBox Appeal raised and excellent £1,119 . Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard, gave so generously in so many ways and supported us. It was again a wonderful united effort.

The combined total for the two events, with additional donations of £170, is £2,490 - sufficient to pay for 5 ShelterBoxes - Brilliant:


Sunday, 17 January 2010

HAITI APPEAL - Further Support

As a means of providing further support to the Haiti disaster by supporting ShelterBox there will be a SOUP KITCHEN + Tombola, Cake, Bread, Book Stalls & a Bring and Buy items.
Perranuthnoe Church Room
Saturday 23rd Jan, from 11.30am to 2.30pm.

Contributions to any of the stalls most gratefully received.

All proceeds will go to ShelterBox.

Friday, 15 January 2010


Haiti URGENT Appeal

This Saturday 16th January there will be a BRING & BUY STALL with COFFEE (or TEA) between 10am and 3pm in the CHURCH ROOM in aid of ShelterBox.

PLEASE come along: BRING something for the stall (produce, cakes, bread, books, wine, unwanted Christmas presents .... etc),
BUY something, HAVE a coffee and help those in such desperate need.
All monies raised will go to ShelterBox.
Please pass on this message to your friends and neighbours ASAP !!
Many thanks for your support.


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Village Crafts now has adequate supplies of milk, eggs and bread.

Milk 80p per litre

Eggs £1.25 per half doz.

We have 400g Organic Wholemeal or White Bloomer style loaves at £1.85 Bread needs to ordered on the day before it is required, by phoning the shop 711808 or home 710587

We still have some jars of Nescafe Coffee at £2.98

Friday, 8 January 2010

Updated - Community Spirit Team

Many thanks to those of you who have volunteered in support of the Community Spirit Team, your help is greatly appreciated. However, more pledges of support are needed.

The aim of the Community Support Team is to be there to help the 'whole' community in time of need or emergency. Your pledge of support can be anything from giving your time to help in any general way, through to someone possessing a particular vital skill.

The reason behind the team, is so that the emergency and/or council services can work with a defined group within the community to help target aid in that community.

If you are a volunteer with the church or some other group, you can still volunteer for the Community Spirit Team, as the team will be representative of all the village community groups.

This your chance to put something back into your village community

....WE NEED YOU ....

Original Message:

During the last summer, there was growing concern about parked cars in the village, blocking access to emergency vehicles. As a result of this, Pippa Young (Parish Councillor) and myself had a meeting with Martin Rawlins (Cornwall Council Emergency Planning Officer, for West Cornwall)

During the course of this meeting, there emerged a deeper concern for 'at risk persons' in the community in the event of a major emergency or disaster scenario. Whilst Pippa and I were reassured by Martin that extensive plans were in place at local and national level to be implemented in the face of a major emergency or disaster, Martin told us that numerous rural and isolated communities were now working with the council's emergency planning department to help 'localise' these plans and provide local knowledge.

To help enhance the emergency services plans at a local level, a community looks in on its self to gauge how many people may be at particular risk and as to what resources there are within the community that could be mobilised to help alleviate the effect of any major emergency.

A major emergency could be any range of events, including severe flooding or storm damage, prolonged loss of electricity or gas or food or fuel shortages due to bad weather and as currently, snow and ice.

Having discussed this matter with a number of other village residents and a representative of the Perocial Church Council, there has been considerable enthusiasm for such a scheme, so I am therefore proposing that we set up a Community Spirit Team.

Community Spirit Teams have been set up successfully throughout the country and have helped build a 'sense of community'.

The team needs a small number of key members who can when requested, coordinate local resources and liaise with the Emergency Services or Council services as required. The team also needs anyone who can pledge help to the community in times of extreme difficulty. This pledge of help can comprise any skill or service, such as people who can supply emergency transport in a 4 x 4, a trade skill or medical skill, volunteering to staff an emergency feeding or coordination centre, or indeed just any general help of any kind.

This help can be invaluable to the emergency services, who at the end of the day, only have finite resources and local knowledge.

If anyone is interested in helping in this way, please contact me and I will then arrange for Martin to come down and talk about the involvement of local communities in emergency planning.

I can be contacted on 711808 shop hours, 710587 home or on perrancrafts[at]

Kevin Sansom
1 Greeb Way

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Updated - Supplies During Severe Weather

Village Crafts has a limited stock of milk and eggs for today on a first come first served basis, limited to one half dozen eggs and one litre of milk per person.

We still have eggs and some jars of coffee and some packets of tea. We only have a few litres of milk left. If that delivery does not arrive this morning, we will try and obtain some from the wholesaler.

The bread delivery did not make it yesterday, but is due again today, roads permitting. *We will have bread tomorrow if ordered before 10am*

We are going to try and get to the wholesaler in Penzance later this morning, but as anyone who tried driving in and out of the village yesterday will know, the top part of the lane near the Chinese restaurant was particularly slippery, even in the Landrover!!

It is likely that we will only open the shop between 10 and 12 am today. If anybody is in dire need, please contact us either on 711808 (shop) or 710587 (home) and if we have what you need we will try and deliver on foot later today.

Kevin Sansom
Tel: 711808 (shop)
Tel: 710587 (home)