Monday, 23 December 2013

Perranuthnoe - Then & Now

The photographic exhibition 'Perranuthnoe - Then & Now' is continuing in the Church Room and Victoria Inn until early the beginning of the New Year thus allowing everyone a final chance to see these fabulous images on display.

There has also been a book produced of all the images which will be kept in the Church for future reference and enjoyment.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fun Pub Quiz At The Vic

The next quiz is on:
Wednesday 27th at 8pm
£2 per player includes nibbles at half time.
(all money raised is donated to charity)
Martin Holland is this weeks quiz master.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Perranuthnoe Christmas Tree 2013

Invitations for the Village Christmas Tree should be being delivered to households in the village over the next few days, if you have not had one already! 

Can I ask please that slips for children's gifts are returned by 1st December.  Unfortunately I will be away this year and need to make the necessary arrangements before I go! 

Perranuthnoe Christmas Tree 2013

Thanks for your help!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Does Anybody Know

I am very curious about the church in Perranuthnoe and can't find exactly who to ask so here I am.  When I visited the church, I noticed the small door cut into the main entry door.  I remember someone saying or maybe reading that the door was for farmers to bring their dogs in, sheep dogs?, and would tie them up during services. 
I'd love to know:
1.  If that is true
2.  When that door dates from.  When was that little inset door installed?

I thank you so much for reading through this and for any help or direction you might be able to give me.

Barry Foster

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Shelter Box Appeal

St. Piran & St. Michaels Church
Shelter Box Appeal Carol Sing-along
Donations can also be given during Sunday Service or to the Church Wardens


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Closure Of Public Toilets

On Saturday 9th November local people gathered in Perranuthnoe car park to show Cornwall Council how strongly they feel about the closure of the public toilets during weekdays for the winter months. The Perranuthnoe Peeathon event was created on Facebook with around 70 people, several dogs and a horse turning up.



Local people and businesses are feeling let down by Cornwall Council. Comments such as 'we are the ones paying the most council tax yet we are not allowed use of the toilets in winter!' and 'they (Cornwall council) are urging small businesses to stay open all year round yet they themselves are closing the amenities, what sort of message are they trying to send out?'
What's the Cornish motto, ah yes Onan hag Oll - One and all. Cornwall Council showing true Cornish spirit (not).

There is also a petition which already has almost 1000 signatures.
If you would like to see our toilets remain open please sign the petition which can be found in;
The Cabin, Village Crafts, The Peppercorn, The Victoria Inn, The Cowhouse Gallery and 'Kernewek KY Professional Dog Grooming' located in Lynfield Craft Centre.

If you would like copies of the petition to gather your own signatures and help the cause please click here.

You have until Sunday 17th November to sign the petition.

You can also complain yourself via email

Your comments are more than welcome.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Peppercorn Kitchen Loyalty Cards And OAP Lunch Offer

Peppercorn Kitchen Café have the following offers for you;

Loyalty Cards

Peppercorn Kitchen Café are proud to offer loyalty cards to their wonderful customers (old and new!).

Buy 9  drinks and the 10th is on us!

OAP Lunch Offer

Peppercorn Kitchen is offering an OAP lunch deal between 12.00 and 2.00 every Thursday.

Soup, a sandwich and a pudding for £5.00 to every OAP with a Peppercorn Passport who buys a drink.

If you are‚ or know of‚ someone in Perranuthnoe who would love to take advantage of this offer but is housebound or unable to come for other reasons‚ Peppercorn will happily pack up a take-away for an extra £1 and deliver it.
(£1 charge covers the packaging unless people want to use their own containers in which case the £1 is not necessary).

If anyone would be interested in volunteering to deliver these take-aways the Peppercorn ladies would love to hear from you! Do contact the café on 01736 719584 or via e-mail at

Come and collect your loyalty cards and (if you qualify?!) your OAP Passport next time you're passing- we'd love to see you.

Lisa and Jenni
Peppercorn Kitchen Café

Friday, 8 November 2013

Closure Of Public Toilets and The Peeathon Update

Bryan Griffin has been awarded a new lease for the car park starting from April 2014 at which point he will have total responsibility for the public toilets. It is his intention to keep them open throughout the year with help promised by village businesses to keep them clean.

Unfortunately he has no control over them this winter so The Great Perranuthnoe Peeathon will be going ahead.

The intention of the Peeathon is to gain some sort of control over the toilets for this winter so that they may be kept open for everybody's convenience.

The hope is for as many people as possible to assemble in the car park tomorrow morning at 11am to show the Council there is support for keeping them open. The Cornishman will be invited. A full bladder is NOT required :-)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Fun Pub Quiz Tonight At The Victoria Inn

Fun pub quiz for charity at 8.00 pm on Wednesday 6th November. £2 per person entry - come early to get a table or why not book for dinner - 01736 710309
The Victoria Inn

Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Great Perranuthnoe Peeathon

Saturday, 9 November 2013

This event has been created to make a stand (or crouch) against the County Councils decision to close the public toilets in Perranuthnoe during weekdays for the winter till Easter 2014

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Closure Of Public Toilets In Perranuthnoe Car Park

Cornwall Council have decided to close our public toilets on weekdays during the winter.

These toilets are well used by locals, coast path walkers, visitors, dog walkers, surfers etc.

If you feel this is a bad move by the Council and would like to see our toilets remain open please sign the petition which can be found in;
The Cabin, Village Crafts, The Peppercorn, The Victoria Inn, The Cowhouse Gallery

If you would like copies of the petition to gather your own signatures and help the cause please click here.

You can also complain yourself via email

Updates will follow as and when they are received.

Please feel free to comment.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Update On White Waxy Substance Found On Beach

Cornwall Council have issued an update to the substance found on beaches in our area. It appears to be cooking oil which has turned rancid.

Cornwall Council has advised that while the degraded oil is not harmful to human health, it could still be dangerous for dogs if they eat a large amount of the substance.

Read more:

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

WARNING: Dog dies after eating sticky white substance washed up on beach

A Penzance vet has confirmed a dog has died while numerous other calls have come in from owners concerning vomiting and sickness after coming into contact with an unknown substance on west Penwith beaches.

Read more:

Monday, 21 October 2013

Perranuthnoe Calendar 2014

Sold in aid of the Perranuthnoe Christmas Tree Fund
Copies of the popular Perranuthnoe Calendar 2014 are now available from Village Crafts or Andrea at The Old Post Office ( - price £6.00 each
The photos are by Jim & Sue Mason and the calendars are produced by Vistaprint. All profits will go towards this years Village Christmas lights and the childrens gifts from Santa!!
These calendars sell fast so make sure you get your copy quick.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Fun quiz for charity tonight at The Victoria Inn

Bit short notice but;

'Fun quiz for charity tonight at The Victoria Inn, 8.00 pm start, £2.00 per person including nibbles.'

Foraging Walk

I'm doing a foraging walk this Sunday 20th October meeting outside the church room at 12 (2 hours) £8 adult per hour, £2 children per hour.

If anyone fancies it, can they get in touch with me please.

Mob: 07835 187979

Thank you,
(Michael and Barbara Ball's daughter).

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Empty Jam Jars Needed

Peppercorn Kitchen are in the midst of making lots of different pickles but have run out of receptacles!

If villagers have any jam jars they don't want we'll gladly have them!

Thank you

Lisa & Jenni

Road Closure Notice

The residents of Churchtown, Perranuthnoe have arranged for the lower section of the private road which serves them to be concreted.  This work will be done during the week beginning 21st October (weather permitting) during which time the road will be closed to all traffic.

Since there is no other access route to the 7 houses affected, the Parish Council has kindly granted permission for overnight parking of residents vehicles in the cemetery car park for the duration of the closure.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Professional Dog Grooming Now Available In Perranuthnoe

Kernewek KY Professional Dog Grooming

City & Guilds Advanced Qualified
Now Open
at Lynfield Farm Studios
Bath, Groom, Handstripping, Clipping, Nails, Ears, Anal Glands
All Breeds Welcome
To Book An Appointment
Call Sarah on 07792128308

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Perranuthnoe Through The Ages

NEARLY 100 people turned out to preview a photography display in Perranuthnoe which showcased the village through the ages.

Read more:

Friday Film Nights

Film nights are back starting on Friday 25th October with 'Lincoln'
Film nights start at 7.30pm in the Church Room and entry is by contribution.
The next scheduled dates are:
15th November
6th December
10th January 2014
7th February

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Worlds biggest coffee morning for Macmillan

Thanks to all who supported the 'Worlds biggest coffee morning for Macmillan'
We raised a fantastic £507.00!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Parking In Perran - Idea

The Parish Councillor who has taken interest in our difficulties has given me a street map of Perranuthnoe and asked me to mark on it where I think double yellows, single yellows, residents parking bays -or no changes should go. Chris ball and Jack Trewhella who both attended the last Parrish council meeting also have been sent a map each to do likewise.

However, I think that 3 people deciding for the whole village will leave us open at CC level to them saying that 3 views are not representative and therefore give them an excuse to do nothing.

If I photocopied the map for everyone to have I suspect that there will be as many views as there are copies and therefore again CC will say we cannot make our minds up and still do nothing.

So how about this idea for a compromise - text me 07980 313739 or email me with what you think should happen in your road where you live (ie - yellow x2 yellows x1, res parking or no change) . Also tell me what should happen to the roads where there are no houses ( ie Perran Hill out of the village).

If you are happy for me to do this then I will transcribe your views onto the one map and enclose it with a list of names of the people who have contributed. I will mark the map democratically and have no axe to grind as the only bit of road that affects me is coming down Perran Hill and wanting to do a right turn towards the church.

I will give what responses I have to the Parrish Council at their next meeting which is on Thur 3rd Oct

If anyone has a better idea then I will go along with that

Thanks for your time Karen Wall

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Long Term Let Wanted In Perranuthnoe

Single profession looking for a long term let in Perranuthnoe. One or two bed rooms, ideally with some outdoor space. Currently living in Penzance.

Please call Nic 07980 779784 if you know of anywhere suitable.

Many thanks

Monday, 9 September 2013

World's Biggest Coffee Morning

World's Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan
Saturday 28th September
in the Churchroom, Perranuthnoe.
10.00 - 12.00
Cakes, Crafts and Raffle - admission £2.50 to include coffee and cake!

Anyone who is willing to bake a cake or donate a raffle prize, please contact Andrea on 719042 or email

Saturday, 7 September 2013

How Do You Feel About The Parking Problem In Perranuthnoe?

Dear Perranuthnoe
There was a meeting of the Parrish Council last evening and one of the topics up for discussion was the parking situation in Perranuthnoe. As everyone knows, this summer the parking has varied from the diabolical to down right dangerous.
The Parrish Councils take on it all is that Perranuthnoe was offered yellow lines before but none of the villagers could agree so nothing was done at all.  Their second take on is that it has only been bad this summer because the weather was nice,  (previous years have been fine !) Their other point of view is even if the village was agreed it would join the pile of things  for the CC to do and could take another two years………… unless a case could be made for health and safety – either for traffic, pedestrians or 999 emergency within the village itself. I think the village could make a case on all three counts.
So what to do about it? Apparently a petition counts a just one letter, so the Parrish Council advised that as many people as possible write with their concerns to the following people;-
Mr Bert Biscoe Cornwall Council( Portfolio holder for highways)
Cornwall Council
County Hall
Treyew Rd
Truro TR1 3AY
Arthur Hooper Managing Director Cormac Solutions
c/o Western Region,
Radnor Rd,
TR16 5EH
You must include a Health & Safety element and I would suggest that you bullet point the issues.
One of the associated issues was the cost of the car park at £3.50 regardless of whether you are there for the day or ½ hour.  This is up for re- tendering this month. As you know CC reduced its cost of the parking in Penzance and Longrock CC car park is only £1 for the day. Does CC have to accept the highest tender? Is it something the village could run themselves on a rota basis? Could there be a sliding scale of prices ie/ £1 for 1-2 hours for example. The person (another letter to write) who is responsible for this is Lizzy Hibbard, Property Manager and the rest of the address is the same as County Hall. Her number is 01872 324876 . The loos in the village will be part of the car park contract otherwise they would have been closed.
At the end of the day we will all have a slightly different opinion as to where double yellows, single yellows and residents parking areas go.  If we do nothing - nothing will happen, if we all write -something could happen.  And perhaps we could all agree to the common denominator to try to ease the situation next summer.  That is to say, get the main trouble spots sorted and the others can be reviewed again. If you know a neighbour who would support this but is not connected to a computer could you print this off or jot down the addresses so they can have their say too.
Over to you
Best wishes Karen Wall

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Signs At The Top Of Boat Cove Lane

Dear Perranuthnoe,

Some of you may have noticed some additional signs at the top of Boat Cove Lane and so I would like to clarify the situation.

Boat Cove Lane has for a very long time been designated a Bridleway with access permitted to only those who own property (fields or homes) or who have business at those properties. All the property owners will have the access written into the deeds.  In January the wooden post with the Bridleway sign fell down and was lying on the tarmac at the bottom of the hedge. A few days later it disappeared altogether. I contacted Cornwall Council to ask for a replacement. They said they would do so in the new financial year. By July of this year (when nothing had happened) I prompted them again. My reason for persisting is three fold; - one Sunday at the beginning of July there were 14 cars parked at the end of the Bridleway that we could not get our car out even if we wanted to, secondly the owner of the dog that killed my goose had parked her car at the end of the lane end let the dogs run free with a disastrous outcome, and thirdly we have to pay for the upkeep of the lane which is being eroded by car users who should not be there.

It would seem that some don’t know (or choose to overlook) what Bridleway means- it is a route for pedestrians or horse riders. Under the Road Traffic Act 1988 Section 34 it stipulates that it is an offence to use “mechanically propelled vehicles”

I asked the Council for additional signage (a red circle with a car and motorbike) to reiterate what a bridleway means. However they said funding was in short supply but if we purchased the regulation signs they would provide the post and the fixing straps for it. This has now been done and the signs are now donated to Cornwall Council as their property. The Parish Council are also aware of the situation. There may be some of you who think the Lane should be a Public Byway. If there a grounds for changing it to thus you need to contact Cornwall Council.

This past week we have been able to get out of our driveway freely and haven’t encountered another vehicle coming down at breakneck speed to get to the beach.  Dog walkers and families will be able to walk down the lane to the beach without having to dive into the hedge as something whizzes past. Hopefully it will be pleasanter for everyone.

Karen Wall

Monday, 5 August 2013

Summer Tea to support the Village Christmas Tree Fund

The Summer tea on the 15th August will be to support the Village Christmas Tree Fund and the Christian Mission Society.

The funds raised will help to purchase the Village childrens christmas gifts and fund the christmas lights etc.

We need cakes for the cake stall, produce, flowers or crafts. Please support if you can, so we are able to continue with the event this year.

2.30 - 4.30 pm

Afternnon tea £4.00 adult £2.00 children


Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Please will you contact me if you know of any property which may be suitable for lovely retired friends of mine who are wanting to return to the West Penwith/Kerrier area.

Their requirements are:

A 2/3 bedroom property with car parking and room or nearby area on which to park a touring caravan.

They also have a beautiful dog, Hal.

CONTACT ; SANDRA SHAW   01736 711797 OR 07776252742

Thank you!


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Summer Teas

2.30 - 4.30 pm
Starting  27th June - 29th August
Perranuthnoe Church Room
Enjoy the Photography Exhibition on
by photography@perranuthnoe
work by local photographers

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Macmillan Event Cancelled

Due to lack of ticket sales the 'really good night in' for Macmillan, on Friday 10th May, has been cancelled

Sorry for any inconvenience

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Defibrillator For Perranuthnoe

The Cowhouse Gallery and Peppercorn Kitchen Cafe are hoping to fund a defibrillator for Perranuthnoe.

We feel that Lynfield Yard would be an ideal site for this life saving equipment and we will ensure that there is at least one person trained to use it. If anyone would like to contribute in any way; either by donating or planning a fundraising event - we should be very grateful. Perhaps one or two members of the village feel that they too would be prepared to fund their own training ( about £35)?

We all feel that this would provide a vital piece of equipment for us all - and could save lives.

Please do let us know how you feel about the idea.

Peppercorn Kitchen Cafe
Cowhouse Gallery

Monday, 29 April 2013

Notice Of Apology

Dear All,

Just wanted to apologise for the very late replies to your emails. My mind has been on other things lately and I missed the fact that for some reason all my emails have been going to my spam folder.

I think I have found and taken action on them all now and fixed the problem. If you have written to me and not had a reply yet please write again, I am on it now!

I apologies for the inconvenience.

Best regards,


Marie's Big Birthday!

Come and Celebrate a

Perranuthnoe’s most senior resident, Marie, will be celebrating her
100th Birthday on the 3rd May!
Marie was born and has lived in the village all her life.
To mark this very special day a “bring and share”  Tea  - Party is planned in the Church Room the next day,
Saturday 4th May at 3pm.
If you would like to come please call either
Andrea on 719042 or Di on 711523 or sign the form at the back of the Church indicating what you are willing to bring.

Spring Quiz Night

Friday May 3rd

Spring Quiz Night  St Piran’s Hall, Goldsithney 7pm

Tickets £5 adults, £2.50 - 18yrs and under. To include a delicious Pasty. (BYO drinks + glasses)

To obtain tickets phone Michael & Barbara on 710364 or sign the form at the back of the Church
Profits in aid of the charity “Send a Cow”

A really good night in for Macmillan

You are invited to....

'A really good night in for Macmillan'

Perranuthnoe Church Room - Friday 10th May from 7.00 pm

Raffle - Games - Refreshments

Admission by donation for Macmillan Cancer Support - suggested donation £5 to include finger food and a free glass of wine or soft drink!

Space is limited, so to avoid disappointment, book you place early by contacting Andrea at the Old Post Office (719042) or by email

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Two Spaces Left For Rent At Easter Table Top Rummage Sale

If anyone is interested in 'renting' a table at our Easter Table Top Rummage Sale (23rd March, 2 - 4 pm - St Pirans Hall) We have 2 spaces available - contact Andrea for further information

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Does Anyone Have Any Further Images

If anyone has any further images please could you contact me on 01736 710820

Thank you

Martin Holland

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Permanent Home Wanted To Rent

Hello Perranuthnoe people,

I am a friendly responsible woman looking for a permanent home to rent in Perranuthnoe. If anyone knows of anywhere and would like to know more about me as a prospective tenant please comment and I'll get in touch or email me

Thank you

Daisy Olive

Friday, 25 January 2013

Local Lodgins Wanted

Kif and Jean are looking for lodgings for our Canadian nephew, David Douglas, (approx 19) for April/May this year as we have no-where to put him in our tiny shack! He is very keen to come and learn the art of guitar making at the feet of the master. Dates to be confirmed.

We thought that it would be great for him to be with a local family rather than go the more formal B&B route. Contribution to board and lodging, paid by his father, to be discussed.

We would be very grateful for any offers. Please contact us on 01736 710608 or email at

On a separate note, Kif and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been so thoughtful and kind during my recent illness, and recovery. I will soon be well enough to resume my gradual return to work at the therapy department in Camborne and Redruth Hospital.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Help Required - Do you know any nanny candidates?

Our current nanny leaves us at the end of February and her replacement has just let us down.  Therefore, we need to find a nanny urgently. 

We live in the village and have twins (a boy and a girl) aged 18 months old. We are looking for someone to live out (ideally) but we can have a live-in nanny again. We need someone who is a qualified driver. 

The children do a variety of activities (including swimming and nursery two mornings a week). 

The role is full time (weekdays only). 

If you have any possible candidates, please contact us on 01736 711516

Thank you

Charity Fun Pub Quiz

Charity fun pub quiz to be held at the Victoria Inn,
Thursday 24th January at 8.00 pm
£2.00 per person, max 4 per team - 'nibbles' served at half time!
All welcome!!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mens Mountain Bike For Sale

Bicycle for sale in aid of Perranuthnoe Church Trevelyan Window Appeal Fund

RALEIGH SABRE,  Mens Mountain/Commuter Bike

In excellent condition  - (price new £120)  For sale £40
(All money raised will go towards the Trevelyan Window Appeal)

To view the bicycle call Michael on 710364 or mobile 07777600202

Monday, 7 January 2013

Photography Club Project

In 2013, photography@perranuthnoe are launching a new project, for its members, to recreate some old images e.g. postcard scenes, landscapes, portraits of yesteryear taken in Perranuthnoe.

We already have a good selection of images to choose from (courtesy of Mary Tudor and Marazion Memories) but if you have an image that could be included please contact Martin on 710820 to arrange for it to be scanned and copied.