Friday, 29 February 2008

BT Price Hike - Beware New "Unlimited Weekends" Calls Package

BT is in the middle of a massive marketing campaign for its new "Unlimited Weekends" calls package, which will offer free calls on Saturdays and Sundays. However, there is a catch: weekday evening call charges will rocket to more than 2000 per cent of their current cost!

Unlimited Weekends will replace BT Together Option 1, the basic calls package, from 1st April. Under the current standard regime, an hour long call to a UK landline during the week costs a flat-rate 4.5 pence.

The new charging scheme will slap a six pence set-up levy on each call. Each minute of the conversation will then be charged at 1.5 pence per minute, so Monday to Friday an hour-long call to a UK landline will go from 4.5 pence to 96 pence. The full details are here.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Urgent - Photos Needed - Boat Cove

Has anybody got any old photos of the shed at boat cove as it is felt they may be helpful with regards to planning permision etc.

If you do have any please could you drop them in to Kevin & Val at Perranuthnoe Village Crafts as soon as possible.


Sunday, 10 February 2008

Oil Cartel Update

Just to let everyone know, an order for oil has now been placed, with a discount being obtained.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Boat Cove Association - Minutes - 31/01/08


Ian Hicks - Chairman
Val Blake - Treasurer
Kevin Sansom - Acting Secretary for meeting.
Alistair Cameron - National Trust
Julie - N.T. Warden
Frank Jehu
Robert Jehu
Steve Breeze
Kay Bowman

Apologies for Absence

Brianna Breeze could not make the meeting due to illness.

Meeting Commenced at 18.00

The Chairman told the N.T. reps. tha B.C.A. had now been set up as a constituted organisation and of it's aims in promoting and maintaining Boat Cove's traditions.

The Chairman asked the N.T. reps. as to what would be acceptable to the Trust in the way of replacements for the shed and slip.

Alistair said that if the 'new' shed matched the existing one in size, he could not see much problem, although planning permission from Penwith District Council would be required for a new build structure and N.T.'s architechtural and building office would have to be consulted.

However, he was more concerned over a new slip way, particularly whether the structure would be in keeping with the coastal environment, natural habit and health and safety issues.

There was concern that a new slip should not interfere with the coastal footpath, as this would mean the county council becoming involved.

Various build options were discussed, but the following actions were agreed.

1. The Chairman would approach P.D.C. planning control to take advice on what might or might not be allowed and to arrange a site meeting.

2. N.T. would help with drawing up plans and specifications for the shed and slip, following B.C.A.'s consultations with P.D.C.

3. As the N.T. had no money available for work on constructing a new slip and shed, the N.T. agreed to help with advice on grant applications and sources of funding.

4. Any new slip and shed should be constructed in such a way as to benefit the wider community, i.e. to increase the number of working boats to a maximum of 8 and to allow a number of light craft, kayaks, or canoes to use the facility.

5. Sources of old photos of the shed(s) and slip should be sought, as these would help with funding applications, by showing that this was a continuation of a centuries old traditional way of life.

If permissions were received to go ahead and replace the slip and shed, B.C.A. members could undertake the work, if N.T. transfered the tenancy of the site to B.C.A. on a repairing lease. Alistair said that he would look into this, as it would greatly reduce costs by not having to use contractors.

The meeting ended on agreement that the Chairman contact P.D.C. at the earliest opportunity and report back to B.C.A.

The B.C.A. committee would then meet to organise plans for proceesding with funding applications and recruitment of more supporters.

The meeting closed at 18.55

Compiled by Kevin Sansom (Acting Secretary)