Friday, 29 February 2008

BT Price Hike - Beware New "Unlimited Weekends" Calls Package

BT is in the middle of a massive marketing campaign for its new "Unlimited Weekends" calls package, which will offer free calls on Saturdays and Sundays. However, there is a catch: weekday evening call charges will rocket to more than 2000 per cent of their current cost!

Unlimited Weekends will replace BT Together Option 1, the basic calls package, from 1st April. Under the current standard regime, an hour long call to a UK landline during the week costs a flat-rate 4.5 pence.

The new charging scheme will slap a six pence set-up levy on each call. Each minute of the conversation will then be charged at 1.5 pence per minute, so Monday to Friday an hour-long call to a UK landline will go from 4.5 pence to 96 pence. The full details are here.

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