Friday, 24 August 2012

New Railings & Bench At The Top Of The Ramp

As you are all by now probably aware there has been a bench and some railings erected at the top of the ramp to the beach.These appeared overnight and there have been many complaints.

The level part where the railings are was supposed to be for less able bodied people to safely enjoy the view and surroundings without having to go right down on to the beach. Unfortunately the bench and railings have made it very difficult for wheelchair users as the space is very limited. This is aside from the fact that the said railings are an eyesore.

There is a petition to have the railings removed. If anyone would like to add their name they can do so at The Cabin.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Cheaper Energy

A new initiative from Cornwall Together has been bought to my attention. Cornwall Together is a group of Cornish people, joining together to save money on their energy bills. I know some in the village have already signed up. The more subscribers they get the better the deal we should all get!

Here's the link, have a look and see what you think: