Thursday, 26 March 2009

One That Didn't Get Away!

Despite a clearly visible sign on the only access road to the beach the driver of a minibus drove his vehicle onto the beach and subsequently got it stuck in the sand.

An eye witness saw the vehicle being driven down the ramp onto the sand and turn left around the rocks. The sand was very wet already as the tide was on its way in. The minibus wheels sank into the sand just a few feet from the waters edge.

The young passengers were evacuated and taken to the car park for safety while attempts were made to free the stranded vehicle. All attempts failed and the sea claimed the minibus.

Police sealed off the area and during the course of the afternoon the tide brought the vehicle round to the bottom of the ramp where it continued to get battered by the waves.

Eventually Simon was able to tow the vehicle to safety using his JCB. It now stands in a ruined condition in the village car park.

Simon was later heard to say that he has recently had to tow three vehicles off Marazion beach which were stuck in the sand.

This has got to go out as a warning. Quite a few people drive their vehicles onto the beach for one reason or another. This is not only very dangerous and inconsiderate to others it is also very costly to all those concerned, and that includes the enviroment. The smell of fuel filled the air as the tide was knocking the minibus about.

The signs are there for a reason.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Church Room Consultation Report

Following the success of the Church room consultation event a full report has been put together and is now available for download.

Perranuthnoe Church Room Phase 2 Consultation Report

Monday, 9 March 2009

Village Tradition Revived - Feast Concert

The Feast Concert, held on Friday 6th March in the Church revived an old village tradition celebrating St Piran's Feast which hadn't occurred since the 1950s!

Local talent was gathered together under one roof for a splendid evening's entertainment. Local band, The Perranaz started the show and a variety of items followed, including songs from Gilbert and Sullivan, delightful poems, violin solos, and a hip hop street dance!
The climax of the evening was the song "You Are My Sunshine" sung and played by all the performers with the audience singing along!
Afterwards everyone enjoyed a delicious pasty supper.

Great fun was had by all!

The Evening In Pictures

First set of photos courtesy Martin Holland

Second set of photos courtesy Chas Gooding

Submitted by Annie Henry

This event has prompted Kevin to start thinking about this years Gwlascore lowen. He is looking to hear from anyone who might be interested in helping organise the event or for any ideas about the format for this year. He is also looking for ideas for community projects that any money raised could go to.

He said;
"I am going to start with a complete blank canvas. The only stipulation is that preferably anyone involved should live, or work, or have some connection with the Parish of Perranuthnoe."

Kevin can be contacted initially by email or, if people want too, just pop into the shop, Village Crafts.

Gwlascore lowen, meaning Happy Community, was a fantastic success last year. Click here to read the report