Friday, 28 August 2020

A Message from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts and comments on the draft Parish Neighbourhood Plan. This is just a reminder to anyone who hasn’t yet done so, that the deadline for comments is coming up at the end of the month.

Please do take a few minutes to provide your feedback, it’s your Plan and it’s important that it provides planning guidance that will work positively to make sure that future development here benefits the Parish community, and protects the resources and areas that are important to you ....but the Steering Group won’t know unless you tell them!

It is really important that you tell the Steering Group:

 - if the draft Plan’s policies cover the issues which you feel are important here? If so please confirm which policies you feel will be most beneficial to the Parish and why.


 - if there are important planning issues that the Plan’s policies don’t address properly, or don’t address strongly enough? If so what and why?

The Feedback Form can be downloaded from the Neighbourhood Plan website along with the Neighbourhood Plan itself, an ‘At a Glance’ summary of the Plan’s policies, and all other relevant documents.

Thank you .... Let’s forge a stronger Parish together!

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