Friday, 17 July 2020

Key Worker Needs Accommodation

My name is Mark Charlton and I am a specialist gardener at the new Trenow Fields permaculture project. 
I have been in temporary accommodation for the past month but now need to find a new place. I've just heard about an incredible cohousing community in Marazion so things are moving. They're hoping to complete in September so just a few more months to find a place for! I am a non-smoker and work full time. I am seeking low budget accommodation within striking distance of Perranuthnoe.

If anyone can help please comment below.

Thank you


Friday, 3 July 2020

FREE Stairlift

I own Parc and Praze and we are cleaning up the house. There is a stairlift in the house that is no longer needed and I wondered if someone in the village could use it. I'm happy to give it to them for free and have it delivered to their house for installation.

It is a Stanna Stairlift and in perfect condition.  It is a straight run of lift that covers 13 standard stairs.  Hopefully this can be useful for someone in the village.

If anyone is interested I can be contacted by;



Mobile: 07768361776

Thank you


Friday, 26 June 2020

Perranuthnoe Car Park Update

As you may already be aware the car park is now open!

Unfortunately, after all the moaning about it being closed people are still parking around the village only now it is to avoid the parking fees. Parking outside peoples homes and along the road down in to the village is NOT ON and causes unnecessary congestion.

Please think twice before you leave your car parked where it shouldn't be parked. No one wants to be the cause of a nasty accident or, God forbid death due to roads being blocked by selfish parking. Our roads are not wide enough for this sort of behaviour. THINK, ambulances, fire engines, busses, delivery vehicles.

And a special note to the surfers, SLOW DOWN!

If this virus & lockdown has taught us anything surely it is to be more thoughtful about our actions and show more compassion for others?

Stay safe

Thursday, 25 June 2020

UPDATE: Jean Lake of Fairhavens

We would just like to say a big thank you as we now know the whereabouts of our Aunt Jean. 
Thank you all so much 😊
Terri & Andy

I wonder if anyone could help. I have been trying to contact my aunt Jean who lives at Fairhavens, Boat cove lane, Perranuthnoe.

My brother has tried phoning but had no reply. I would be very grateful for any news of her.

I can be contacted on my landline 01495 447498 or mobile 07833474979
Or you could also try Andy, his mobile number is 07775617383
If there are is no reply could you please leave a message.

Many thanks for your help

Terri & Andy Lake
(Aunt Jeans will know me as Theresa)

Monday, 22 June 2020

Perranuthnoe Car Park

There's been a lot of people asking when the car park will be open again.

The most up to date information we have is that the owners are waiting for Cornwall Council to do a risk assessment so that they can get the required insurance.

As soon as we know anymore we will let you all know.

Take care. Stay safe

Friday, 19 June 2020

Can You Help A Key Worker?

Mark Charlton is a specialist gardener at the new Trenow Fields permaculture project. 
Mark has been in temporary accommodation for the past month but needs to find a new place before that residence reopens for Air B&B business on 4th July. Mark is a non-smoker and works full time. Seeks low budget accommodation within striking distance of Perranuthnoe. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Help! Keyworker Needs Accommodation From This Weekend

I am a keyworker and I need accommodation from THIS WEEKEND (16 May).
I work in Perranuthnoe as a market gardener. My current landlady was awaiting papers for her house sale and they have now come through so I need a place.
I'm a non-smoker, work full-time, and ideally need a place with a bath to soothe my weary body!! Can you help?

Thank you
Mark Charlton

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Perranuthnoe Covid-19 Village Updates

Hello everyone hope you are all well and staying safe.

So we're nearly at the end of the third week of lockdown but it's looking like it's going to be extended. Don't worry and remember, the virus doesn't move, people move it. We stop moving, the virus stops moving, the virus dies. It's that simple. We got this 💪😎

Stay home. Stay safe. Save Lives. Smile 😄


There are two messages for you all today;

Firstly a reminder that we are clapping for the NHS at 8pm this eve (& every Thursday).

Secondly Sally Linton is collecting pillow cases and looking for a team of like-minded sewers to turn them into laundry sacks for NHS workers so that they can wash and sterilise scrubs at the end of a shift. She is also making lots of simple tote bags as requested by the penzance Street Food project. Let her know if you can help: 07760 111746 pillow case  donations can be left in her post box at the end of their drive. Sally’s is Menzar - the last house on right at top of St Piran’s way (before it turns into a track). Post box is on side of the garage.

If you would like anything included in these updates please just let me know. Email updates go out at 6pm. Please let me know by 5pm latest to be included.

My contact details are on the contact page of the village website or you can message me on Facebook. Please DO NOT come to the house. Keep me informed and I can keep others informed.

The updates will be posted here on the Village News Page as well as going out via FacebookTwitter and email to those that subscribe to the newsletter. 

The newsletter sends daily at 6pm only if new posts have been added. 
If you would like to receive email updates you can sign up by clicking here.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Dr Charles Ivan Backhouse

I just wanted to let you know that my father Dr Charles Ivan Backhouse who lived in Tremethick, The Mews, Perranuthnoe for 30 years, before going into a dementia home in 2017, sadly died last Monday, 30th March.

He was born on 8th September 1934 in Penzance where his grandfathers were both doctors.
He loved Perranuthnoe and had made many friends there.

Many thanks
Roger Backhouse

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

To the owner of the self catering cottage in Perranuthnoe....

To the owner of the self catering cottage in Perranuthnoe who kindly reported us to the enforcement office would they please take note.

  • We are closed as per government guidelines.
  • We closed our property on booking agent on line platforms since the crisis began
  • We have not taken a guest or had any income since the crisis began, in common with all other local  B&B’s
  • Please see the not re Corvid-19 on our website reservation page
  • Our summer bookings have been cancelled in May. We have been subject to cancellation fees to on line agents to achieve this.
  • It is likely that it will not be possible to travel until the autumn
  • As everybody on the tourism sector has done we have invested in our product for the post Brexit world. And as everybody else at the moment we will not see an income or return until this crisis is over

Here is a link to our last newsletter which makes it clear we are not open and actively promotes other local businesses. Please note the picnic photos were taken in 2017!!

Christine Taylor
Ednovean Farm