Friday, 29 October 2010

Peppercorn Kitchen Cafe Opening

Lisa and Jenni are delighted to announce the opening of Peppercorn Kitchen Café on Friday 5th November.

We would like to invite you to join us for cakes and beverage of your choice from 2pm until 5pm – we can’t wait to show you around and thank you personally for all the support and interest you’ve shown over the last few months.

We aim to be a Dog-Friendly Café, we have outside seating as usual and welcome particularly well-brought up dogs inside.  We open for business on Saturday 6th November from 9am until 5pm and will be open every day except Christmas Day.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Website News

Hi everyone, just to let you all know that I am in the process of moving the Perranuthnoe website to a different hosting company. The site may be down for a day or two then again it might not! All depends how smoothly the process goes.

The Village News, Church News, Church Room Renovations, Neighbourhood Watch and Photography Group pages will be unaffected however you will only be able to access them directly.
Here's the links to each of those pages:

Village News

Church News

Church Room Renovations

Neighbourhood Watch

Photography Group

I apologise for any inconvenience caused. This is a necessary move to be able to add improved features to the site.

Kay Bowman

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Lovely Day For A Wedding

Local couple Sarah & Tim love Perranuthnoe so much that they chose to hold their wedding here. The ceremony took place in St. Piran & St. Michael's Church and the reception was held in the garden of the Cabin overlooking Perran bay. At one point the wedding party moved down to the beach, some took a swim while others chatted. It finished with some of the party walking the coastal path back to Prussia Cove. As Tim is a member of a band called Pondlife many guests bought their instruments, as the sun shone the musicians played.

Congratulations Sarah & Tim