Thursday, 22 March 2012

Perranuthnoe Cows Update

Hello Perranuthnoe,

A heartfelt thanks to the great many people who have phoned, text, enquired at the Craft shop etc as to the welfare of the cows. I would especially like to thank Katie's two girls who have each made beautiful get well cards for the cows. I have put the cards in a plastic pocket to keep them safe and pinned them in the barn to cheer them up when they come in for their tea.

Slow progress is being made to the physical injuries to all of them. Guinevere is due a check up and more jabs tomorrow, as she was the most injured. She is able to eat a little. (If that had not been possible then the vet would have had to shoot her.) All the cows are very apprehensive about the bottom of the field now. I understand the attack started at the ring feeder at the left of the field and ended up in the yard some 80 yards further across, which is where I came across the incident.

However time is a good healer even for cows.

For those who don't know what has happened then it is on the local ITV news tonight.

Thank you everyone

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dogs Attack Perranuthnoe Cows

Last night two Pitt Bull/Staffy type dogs attacked the Whitebred Shorthorn cows in Perranuthnoe. One of the cows was badly injured and ended up having to be sedated with a vet working on her for two hours, she needed 14 stitches. All of them have bite marks and slashes from the dogs. One of the dogs was shot and killed at the scene as they were completely out of control and would not leave the cows alone. The dogs are believed to be from the Marazion area.

Updates will follow as and when more information is available.

Friday, 16 March 2012

UPDATED - Fun Pub Quiz For Village Jubilee Party

We made £137.00 on last nights Easter egg raffle and another £74.00 on the quiz!!

Thank you for your support

A fun pub quiz is being held at The Victoria Inn on
Wednesday 21st March at 8.00 pm,
to raise moeny for the village Jubilee party.
£2 entry per person, to include nibbles.

Easter Egg raffle also being drawn.
Tickets available from the Victoria Inn.

Donations of Easter Eggs gratefully received.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Village Jubilee Party

Many thanks to all who came to the meeting about the village Jubilee Party!!

We plan to hold the party on Monday 4th June, in the car park field (thanks to Jonathan and Emma)
We plan on having a BBQ, with Stewart from the Victoria Inn (with help from village volunteers) on the cooking!!
Tickets will be by Invitation only and will be sent to households in Perranuthnoe prior to the event.

Fundraising activities are the first priority. 
We have a quiz and Easter egg raffle (donations of Easter eggs would be appreciated) to be held in the Victoria Inn on Wednesday 21st March 8.00 pm.

On the 28th April we will be holding a special breakfast event at the Victoria Inn - details to follow at a later date

If you need any further information, or are willing to offer help in any way, please contact me on - Andrea

UPDATED - Grand Book & DVD sale

(with Coffee & Cakes)

Saturday 17th 10.30am – 3pm
Perranuthnoe Church Room

All proceeds will be donated to the Lenten Benefice Appeal for the charity

Proceeds from the Grand Book Sale plus further donations, have raised  £606, this together with the profits from the Feast Lunch means that a total of  £760 has been raised towards the Lenten Benefice Charity Appeal for Water Aid. 
Once again, a huge “thank you” to all who so generously, in so many ways, made this appeal such a success.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Missing Cat

Have you seen Carla who is a white affectionate tom cat, neutered, lost since Wednesday 7th. He has fawn patches on ears and a tabby tail. He came over to us from France a month ago, has Michrochip number 250269801854851 with French address.

I have a fear that he may have been sitting on car engine and fallen off on the 394 bypass. So if picked up dead or injured, caught by fox, we are desperate to know.
Tel: 01736-710251
No suitable photo to date.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Churchway Footpath Alterations And Animal Welfare

Today I received the following email:

Hi Perranuthnoe, I understand that the Churchway footpath alterations have been giving cause for concern.

Since the beginning of Feb my cows have escaped three times from their field. In escaping, end up in one of the two empty fields with the footpath in. Because there is nothing in there, they hop the stiles into the broccoli fields at either end. I have seen them do this as have Gill and Frank Tanner. I have never put the cows in these fields on purpose. So, having added additional fencing to their field I needed an insurance policy just in case they got out again.

I spoke to Gareth Griffiths of the Parish council who advised me to contact the County Council footpath dept. This I did, and last Thursday Colin Bayes visited the stiles in question. The County Council do not provide labour or materials to make modifications, but he came up with the idea of the upright posts which is what I have done. I don’t have the wherewithal to provide gates, hanging posts or closing posts but if anyone in the village would like to donate some then I could approach Colin Bayes again to get written permission to install these instead (gates need written permission apparently). At no time have I added or removed stones from these stiles.

Today I learnt that these modifications have been causing concern so I have spoken to Colin Bayes again. He said if anyone had a concern they should speak to Dan Senior at the County Council. He can be contacted on 0300 1234 202.

Moreover, it would seem like my dairy venture is likely to die before it has drawn its first breath? Why? Someone in the village has been very vocal about the lack of welfare of my animals. Would I buy from a retailer who apparently takes matters into her own hands when it comes to footpaths and the welfare of her stock is suspect? No I would not. I would say no smoke without fire and avoid that person and her wares. So, for that reason I extend an open invitation to anyone to come and look at my animals so they can see for themselves. It would be good to phone me first (07980 313739) so I may accompany you. I will answer any questions you may have so you can come to your own conclusions based on facts rather than assumptions.

Daisy, Guinevere and Primrose have enough space to roam. They have three sources of water and a choice of hay or silage to eat. Their barn has 20mm rubber matting on the floor for insulation and covered in straw. At milking Daisy has dairy nuts and sugar beet shreds for additional protein and carbohydrates. After milking her udder is rubber with a peppermint and Camomile salve, her teats have a moisturiser/ waterproofer so she doesn’t get chapped and her teat tips are sprayed with an iodine ointment as protection against mastitis.

Thank you for reading this.


I would urge all you photographers out there to please go along and take photos of Karen's animals and the posts and anything else that is causing concern so that others, who may not be able to walk there themselves can make their own judgements.

This needs to be sorted as quickly as possible,. The dairy is a positive move and will be great for the village as well as for this rare breed of cow the Whitebred Shorthorns!

Please feel free to send me your photos,
As always, comments welcome.
Thank you

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Village Party

We are hoping to hold a Village Party and BBQ to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee in June - but we need your help with planning/organization, fundraising and 'on the day'

We are holding a meeting in the Churchroom at 3.00 pm on Saturday 10th March to discuss further.

If you are unable to attend but are willing to help in anyway contact Andrea on 719042 or email