Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Boat Cove Tenancy

Ian Hicks has regrettably given the Trust one months notice on the tenancy for the slip and shed at Boat Cove.

This has come about because the licence agreement requires him to bear full liability towards third parties.

Ian had asked the National Trust to place some good clear signage around the shed and slip warning the public of possible danger and directing them to another way down, but so far nothing has materialized.

He wrote and asked them if he was still liable under the circumstances and if so could he suspend the agreement until everything has been sorted out. This was the reply;

I am afraid the contract does not allow you to suspend the agreement.

In fact it does not make provision for you to terminate it at all, however The Trust will accept 'reasonable notice' in the circumstances and I will recommend that one month's notice is accepted.

If you do wish to give up the licence please will you let me have a letter to this effect.

What happens now is a good question. The Trust may well turn around and say that no more licence agreements will be issued.

Lets hope the Trust will preserve our heritage and let us continue to use Boat Cove in a way it always has been.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Apology To The National Trust - Re Boat Cove

Alastair Cameron has asked me to print an apology, in respect of my selective reading of Tom Odling's letter to me ----dated 5th September 2007

Third paragraph reads --

Clause 4 states that you are fully responsible for the maintenance and repair to the boathouse and to the wooden slipway to it, however your liability to maintain appears to be mitigated by clause 6 that says once the boathouse becomes too dilapidated to repair it shall be removed and not replaced. Underclause 1 we can give you six months notice and ask you to remove the boathouse and slipway.

I had omitted to include the last paragraph which is as follows--

I would be grateful if you would let me know if you now consider the boathouse and slipway to be beyond repair in which case we can consider its future.

For the omission of the last paragraph I apologies unreservedly to the National Trust . I realise my omission gave a false picture of the Trust's position at Boat Cove.

Yours sincerely Ian Hicks.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Cemetery Path

The parish council will be discussing the surfacing of the path up to the new cemetery in the coming months.
If you have a view on how the path should be finished, now is a good time to express your opinion. Please contact Pippa on 01736 710475. If you are able to put your view in writing, it can be read out at the next parish council meeting on November 1st. Hope to hear from you soon!


Friday, 5 October 2007

Radio Cornwall - This Time It Happened

Denis Nightingale from BBC Radio Cornwall arranged an interview, at short notice, with Ian Hicks at 9.30 this morning at Boat Cove.

Ian telephoned myself and Brianna Breeze and asked us to attend. Mr. Nightingale did not want more than 2 - 3 people.

The interview went ahead as planned.

Denis is not responsible for when/if an interview gets aired but feels if it does it will be on Monday 8th October on the breakfast show.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Boat Cove - Marazion and District Forum Letter

Jane Howells, Vice-Chairman of The Marazion And District Forum has written a letter to Mr. Cameron of the National Trust.

The Forum have expressed their support for the retention of the Boathouse and slip at Boat Cove.

A copy of the letter is here; Forum Letter to National Trust