Monday, 8 October 2007

Apology To The National Trust - Re Boat Cove

Alastair Cameron has asked me to print an apology, in respect of my selective reading of Tom Odling's letter to me ----dated 5th September 2007

Third paragraph reads --

Clause 4 states that you are fully responsible for the maintenance and repair to the boathouse and to the wooden slipway to it, however your liability to maintain appears to be mitigated by clause 6 that says once the boathouse becomes too dilapidated to repair it shall be removed and not replaced. Underclause 1 we can give you six months notice and ask you to remove the boathouse and slipway.

I had omitted to include the last paragraph which is as follows--

I would be grateful if you would let me know if you now consider the boathouse and slipway to be beyond repair in which case we can consider its future.

For the omission of the last paragraph I apologies unreservedly to the National Trust . I realise my omission gave a false picture of the Trust's position at Boat Cove.

Yours sincerely Ian Hicks.

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