Monday, 28 January 2008

Oil Cartel - Update

Regarding the purchase of oil the last day for responses will be Friday 1st Feb, I will then move it on by contacting all that are interested. If all interested parties could please respond by then.

I have received 12 households that are interested so far.


Saturday, 26 January 2008

Minutes of Boat Cove Meeting

Minutes of Meeting to set Up Boat Cove Association - 22/01/08


Kay Bowman, Roz Quillan Chandler, Robert Jehu, Frank Jehu, Ian Hicks, Brianna Breeze, Mary Collins, Kevin Sansom, Val Blake, Bob ? , Jack Trewhella.

Apologies for Absence Received

Nick Wall had written to apologise for absence, and enclosed some useful information regarding local fishing byelaws.

Amanda and Harvey emailed to apologise for not being able to make the meeting but would like to express their support.


To work with the National Trust to achieve the repair or replacement of the boat store and slipway at Boat Cove, Perranuthnoe, to enable the facility for fishing or recreational boating for future generations of local people.

It was thought that a properly constituted group would have better access to sources of funding, if needed.

A link to the Parish Council was suggested. Pippa from the council and Jane Howell of Marazion and District Forum had been invited but did not attend.

It was agreed that a newsletter to inform locals of the situation at Boat Cove should be sent to every household in Perranuthnoe (around 100) and displayed in the village shop and perhaps the Post Office in Goldsithney.

Name of Group

The name "Boat Cove Association" was agreed unanimously.

Membership Fees

Two tier membership was suggested, membership open to all, and, once the boat store is operational again, a store users membership.

£5 was agreed to be a reasonable sum for general membership. An invitation to join to go in newsletter.

Election of Officers

Chairman: Ian Hicks, proposed by Brianna, seconded by Mary, agreed unanimously.

Secretary: Brianna Breeze, proposed by Kay, seconded by Robert, agreed unanimously.

Treasurer: Val Blake, proposed by Roz, seconded by Jack, agreed unanimously.

Committee member: Kevin Sansom.

More committee members would be welcomed.

Contact for Group

Kay kindly volunteered to be the contact point.
Tel: 01736 710565
Address: The Old Chapel, Perranuthnoe, Penzance, Cornwall TR20 9NE
Email: Kay Bowman
Information will also be posted on the village website,


As this will be a legally binding document, it was decided to formulate this at a future date.

Fundraising Ideas for the Future

A party/ barbecue for the village at Boat Cove was suggested.
Sell the old boat store on Ebay? If the buyer could collect, this would save demolition and disposal costs!

Offers for Practical Help

An appeal for people with different skills or business contacts should go in the newsletter. Marazion Bypass Nursery own a JCB, may be worth asking them?

Date of Next Meeting

Will be decided at next week's meeting with Alastair Cameron from the National Trust, 6.00pm Wednesday 30th January at Perranuthnoe Village Crafts, Perranuthnoe.

Compiled by Brianna Breeze
Boat Cove Association Secretary

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Perranuthnoe Oil Cartel

There was an article some time ago regarding a village that set up an oil cartel. Because of the rising cost of domestic heating oil I was wandering if it would be possible for us to implement something similar.

I have not made contact with any oil companies as yet as to the viability and even if they would be interested. Even a reduction of a few pence a litre is better than nothing.

If the word could be spread, as some people my not have access to the internet, I think the majority of central heating is run by oil in Perran so you never know!

I will collate numbers that are interested, please telephone me on 01736 711552, alternatively, use the contact page of this website to register your interest and Kay will pass your details on to me.

Thanks very much, Chris Ball.