Friday, 8 November 2013

Closure Of Public Toilets and The Peeathon Update

Bryan Griffin has been awarded a new lease for the car park starting from April 2014 at which point he will have total responsibility for the public toilets. It is his intention to keep them open throughout the year with help promised by village businesses to keep them clean.

Unfortunately he has no control over them this winter so The Great Perranuthnoe Peeathon will be going ahead.

The intention of the Peeathon is to gain some sort of control over the toilets for this winter so that they may be kept open for everybody's convenience.

The hope is for as many people as possible to assemble in the car park tomorrow morning at 11am to show the Council there is support for keeping them open. The Cornishman will be invited. A full bladder is NOT required :-)


  1. Good luck from Rob and Alex in Nottingham. We would love to be there for you all and have a coffee at the cabin. Just received our calendar and it reminds us how beautiful the place is.

  2. I have just returned from Perranuthnoe running our dog out on the beach; we love the place and The Cabin. I was miffed I has to pay in the car park off season for the first time particularly as it appeared to be council owned. I am glad you put up this information else I may not have come back.
    We had the same problem with toilets in Sennen last year. In my view the much maligned council should not be passing responsibility for toilets down to local management without the means to raise funds to run them. It seems Mr Griffin should be given the car park lease free if he agrees to run the toilets. As it stands it appears that the much maligned council get away with not having to maintain the car park or run the toilets but still get the revenue for leasing out the car park. Outrageous - they are crooks, the lot of them. However from next year I will be more than happy paying Mr Griffin's car park charges if it is helping to keep the toilets open. Good luck to all. Andrew & Sharon, Sennen Cove