Thursday, 7 January 2010

Updated - Supplies During Severe Weather

Village Crafts has a limited stock of milk and eggs for today on a first come first served basis, limited to one half dozen eggs and one litre of milk per person.

We still have eggs and some jars of coffee and some packets of tea. We only have a few litres of milk left. If that delivery does not arrive this morning, we will try and obtain some from the wholesaler.

The bread delivery did not make it yesterday, but is due again today, roads permitting. *We will have bread tomorrow if ordered before 10am*

We are going to try and get to the wholesaler in Penzance later this morning, but as anyone who tried driving in and out of the village yesterday will know, the top part of the lane near the Chinese restaurant was particularly slippery, even in the Landrover!!

It is likely that we will only open the shop between 10 and 12 am today. If anybody is in dire need, please contact us either on 711808 (shop) or 710587 (home) and if we have what you need we will try and deliver on foot later today.

Kevin Sansom
Tel: 711808 (shop)
Tel: 710587 (home)

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