Friday, 23 October 2009

Update - Guy Fawke’s Night at the Cabin

Jenni and Lisa have decided to cancel this event. They wanted it to be something nice for the village and not something that would cause upset.

Jenni and Lisa are holding a traditional family evening of fireworks and food in the field opposite the car park on Thursday 5th November. Please see Village Events for more details.

There is concern in the village about the proximity of the fireworks with particular reference to pet owners.

Jenni and Lisa have said they do not want to cause upset. They are asking if anyone has any ideas for an alternative site.

Please send in your suggestions. You can use the contact form on this website or post you comments and suggestions below.

Personal Note:
As most of you know we ourselves have four dogs and although we love the idea and do not want to be killjoys we are very concerned. Our dogs get absolutely petrified by fireworks, not only do they quiver and shake like jelly whilst trying to squeeze in to the smallest space possible they also loose control of their bowels! Very upsetting all round.



  1. We'll be visiting then and hope the event happens. Why not make sure that there are NO fireworks which go BANG - wouldn't that be an acceptable compromise?

  2. All fireworks make a noise, some more than others and certainly something most animals hate, not just dogs. They are after all small bombs!

    Personally I think they should be banned from public use and only avaiable to organisations with the proper safety regulations in place and appropriate explosive handling experience.

  3. Thank you Lisa & Jenni for being so considerate.

  4. To the first of the three replies about making a compromise with fireworks that dont go bang "so Much" I am trying to be polite here, fireworks by their very nature are all noisy, we have to think about our animals dogs/cats etc; they can hear far more and more acutly than us humans, eleven years ago my German Shepherd had to be put to sleep due to the thoughtlesness of people setting off fireworks.
    I am all for tradition and firework night is a long tradition in this country, what to do, well in my opinion and for the sake of animals it should not go ahead, I like another poster here am not a killjoy but what does one do, children love them, a lot of adults enjoy them along with the social occasion but we must remember we have animals in our community.
    An alternative site away from the village itself would be one solution.