Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Broadband Problems?

For the past 10 days or so my broadband service has been slow and unreliable - download speed about 1.0 mbps upload about 0.35. Is it just me or has anyone else had this experience?

Ciaran Forristal


  1. Ciaran
    I have had no such problems,

  2. We use a Tiscali broadband package and ours has been consistently running at 1.1 mbps for a while. I'm sure it always used to be 3.4 mbps??? Do let me know of any good phone/internet deals you may find which offer a better service!


    (Katie Kirk)

  3. We use Orange broadband which is usually very good but has been playing up recently too. Over the last couple of weeks it has been sluggish and loosing connection.

  4. Thanks Chris, Katie and Kay. Perhaps there is a problem with the BT line into the village. Several years ago something similar happened and the fault was traced to the box on the far side of the main road (Goldsithney cross)


  5. I thought I would add here about how many people get there internet connection, first of all is the local exchange "Unbundled" ie; have the likes of Tiscali, Orange or any other provider except BT got their own equipment in the exchange, if other providers have then who ever is connected to say-Orange, Tiscali will be directly connected to that equipment, if others are "paying" their monthly subscription to any other provider (other than BT) they will be using BT wholesale equipment, so at the end of the day if your local exchange is not "Unbundled" all service will be provided by BT Wholesale.
    AT most exchanges there are a few providers that have their own equipment installed in the exchange, Orange usually have their own equipment, Talk Talk are another, Sky usually have their own equipment but normally only in large exchanges.
    If your exchange is not Unbundled in any way then everyone at the exchange no matter who they pay will be using British Telecom equipment (known as BT Wholesale).
    Be carefull who (if the exchange) is unbundled you actually decide to connect with, they will provide service and many now you pay your line rental to, they take over your line from BT and until your term of contract expires your phone is NOT OWNED by BT, no-one will take you on until your term of contract ends.
    More if anyone is interested.


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