Thursday, 10 May 2012

Invitations To The Village Jubilee Party

Invitations to the Village Jubilee party have now been sent out to households in Perranuthnoe - If anyone in the village has not received an invite please contact Andrea either by email or by telephone on 719042

Please return your slips by 18th May at the latest - no exceptions!!!

Thank you


  1. And what a dictatorial note it is too

    1. I don't read the form as dictatorial. Hard working Andrea is asking that acceptances should be in by 18th May so that arrangments can be made for any spare places to be allotted. This leaves plenty of time for the draw to be made and the winners advised.
      If you wish to publish your views ,why hide behind anonymity.

  2. Theresa Strawson23/5/12 4:30 pm

    Hi everyone. I would like to thank Andrea for all her hard work on the Jubilee Party. We have lived in the village for nearly 2 years and it is a wonderful place and the Christmas gatherings and the parties really help us to feel part of this special community. With our young children, I am able to help less than I would like and I especially appreciate others who give their time and effort. Reading the above, I feel compelled to stick my head above the parapet and comment how much I dislike the ability for people to post "anonymous" comments on this site. We are adults - and reasonable people - and if someone has something to say, they should be prepared to put their name to it. It is easy to shoot down another person's ideas and actions, but is it really useful or thoughtful? My rant is now over!

    Best wishes to all and see you at the party,