Saturday, 19 April 2014

UPDATE: Parking In Perran

Jim Scobie (parish councillor) has suggested that we all report any "silly parking" to the police as it will be the only way we will be able to get any yellow lines. He says that if the police get enough reports they will then get the council to do something about it.

It is a serious problem as we all know. If there is an accident in the village during the silly season then the emergency services will not be able to get through, especially anything as large as a fire engine! So please follow his advice and report silly parking, whether its outside your own property or anywhere else in the village.

The number to call is the non-emergency number which is 101


  1. I appreciate that parking issues can be annoying on some days of the year, but we are lucky enough to live in a beautiful place which people want to visit - isn't it worth putting up with it for what is quite a short time? Do we really want yellow lines round the village? Apart from the ugliness/visual pollution, yellow lines will have an 'urbanising' effect which I feel is not appropriate for a rural AONB.

    Might it not be more effective to to encourage people to use the car park? The charges seem extraordinarily high and there is no option for short stay, so anyone who comes to Perranuthnoe to walk their dog or visit the cafes for a quick cup of tea, avoids using the car park. A reduced (or free!) rate for local ratepayers might help, as would a short stay facility - to park by the hour or even half hour.

  2. I have been to the village many times on holiday. The parking charges have steadily risen which encourages street parking, the Kabin and shops in the farmyard rely on visitors - some people dont want to stay all day, reduced/short stay rates should be introduced.

  3. We have stayed in Perranuthnoe many times on holiday, and used the car park regularly. However, on our most recent visit in April we arrived at the car park and wanted to stay a couple of hours to have a bite to eat at the Cabin and a walk around the coast path, we were told that we couldn't pay per hour and that we would have to pay the daily £4 rate. We had already parked and paid per hour at least 3 times before in the week, so why did it change for this particular day? As much as we love Perranuthnoe I am afraid we left, hungry and a little let down by a village that has a very special place in our hearts. It also makes us feel will it happen again when we visit later in the year. This is just forcing people that want to pay to park in the car park to park on the roads leading down to the beach. A rethink is needed I think?