Monday, 18 January 2016

Update On Trenow Quarry Footpath

Hello Perranuthnoe,

Some of you may remember filling in footpath forms a few years back, to get the footpath reopened up through the quarry gate at Trenow. I thought it about time you had an update.

It is still lodged with the County Council and has now moved up to 21 out of 151 applications. They did say it would take a while but it looks like we may get to the top of the list in the next 18 months or so. You needed 20 applications spanning the 20 years prior to the gate being locked. In the end I had 38 applications spanning 96 years, so we will get there.

Some of you may have heard rumours that I am moving. I am selling the smaller meadows to buy bigger fields to put the cows in. I will certainly be seeing the application through to its conclusion.

Happy new year to you all Karen

Original Quarry Footpath post can be found here:

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