Friday, 16 December 2016

Pink Granite Cider Trough

Hello everyone, as most of you know by now we are moving to Exmoor. We are taking the cows with us - they are currently on an extended holiday at Pendeen. The family that are moving in are French with two little girls. Their English is excellent. For the first couple of years the cottage will be a holiday home whilst M. Chevalier finishes his training as a Chiropractor, (he was an air line pilot).  Once qualified they will live here permanently. At least that's the plan at the moment.

Meanwhile we are busy packing up. The Chevaliers don't want our granite cider trough so its up for sale. Its 38 inches in diameter- we have used it as a big bird bath (placed with a slight slope backwards to hold water) or trigged up on some rings of wood to make a coffee table. Or start your own cider production!

Anyway, its currently on a pallet ready for moving. If it is bought within the village we will make a donation to the church room funds. Looking for about £450 but quite happy to haggle. That's what was paid at Lodge and Thomas many years ago - so it will go back there if not sold.

Phone Nick or Karen on 711875 if interested. Thanks

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