Friday, 26 September 2008

Another complaint about horses and their mess

I have received another complaint about horses and the mess they leave in the village:

Can nothing be done about the horse riders using the village roads and failing to clean up after their horses?

On several occasions in the past few weeks I have cleaned up their mess rather than risk the numerous children on the beach and approach roads getting covered in horse poo.

A rather irresponsible attitude on the part of those who should know better.

Best regards
Bryan Griffin

If you have any comments about this issue please add them. This is the second email complaint I have had but there have been other verbal ones.

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  1. Dear All

    We were sent a letter by penwith about the horse mess on the beach,
    below is my responce and that of penwith which i thought you might like to see.


    Paul & Rachel from St Pirans Stud

    St Pirans Stud wrote:

    Dear Michelle

    We are very sad to hear this.
    When we started the stud some 8 years ago this was one of our concerns. Living in the village, it was important to us to have a good reputation for not leaving any dung, not just on the beach but anywhere around the village. You know the old saying about not sh1ting on your own door step.

    So from the very start we have been removing any dung that is left by any of our horse’s (and anyone else’s we see when we are there with the bucket) from around the village and beach.

    Our dung is always removed as soon as the rider gets back to the stud by either my wife or myself, which many of the villagers have seen us do.

    I have to say we are probably the only ones that do.

    The beach is very popular with many horse riders from the Goldsithney side of the A394 as it has easy access.

    I hope that your letter opens other people’s eyes and that they all start to pick it up.


    Paul Bettens

    Dear Paul

    Many thanks for your prompt response. I am very pleased to hear that you are so responsible with regards to exercising your horses.

    May I ask that if you do notice anyone not being so, and you know where they are from, that you let me know.

    That way I will know whether the letters have worked or not, or if maybe I have missed someone.

    Many thanks for your help