Monday, 6 April 2009

Blooming Good News

Bearing in mind these days of 'shop local', back in January of this year Val and Kevin of Village Crafts, put a request out via this website for ideas on what local people would like them to stock.

After consideration of all requests received they are now pleased to announce that as from Friday 10th April (Good Friday) they will be selling bread.

Kev said, "We will be selling an Organic White Bloomer (400g), an Organic Brown Bloomer(400g) and an Italian Focaccia Loaf (that's a loaf made with Olive Oil and Herbs).

As this is an experiment we will only have small quantities, so it will be first come first served, however we will take orders either by phone on 711808 or by e-mail via our website
Our initial retail price for all loaves is £1.95 each"

Along with the other items they stock, milk, eggs, stamps, tea, coffee and sugar this is good news for the Village giving us all less reason to take the car out saving on fuel, the environment and supporting local business all at the same time.

1 comment:

  1. lovely bread, blooming delicious!!!
    Well done Val and Kevin, keep up the good work!