Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Update - Plans For 'The Cabin'

Please see Pippa Young's new comment below this article

Planning Number 09-0573-P (MNR)

Some concern had been expressed with regard to The Cabin and plans that may be in place for it in the future.

In respect of this I contacted Lesley (the owner) and she has replied with the following;

The Cabin is 17 years old now and falling apart. I am planning to have it rebuilt. The new build will consist of a wooden structure, much the same as is already there, with the addition of a disabled toilet and some inside seating. As I am having to rebuild anyway it seems sensible to incorporate the changes that are desperately needed for food preparation, cooking and serving as well as being able to accommodate customers whatever the weather!

Jenny and Lisa have done a wonderful job of running The Cabin for the past two seasons and they will stay for this summer and through to the October half term after which I will be running it myself. This is exciting for me as I have missed it greatly and cannot wait to get back to it.

I hope to start rebuilding in November and be ready to open early in the new year. As soon as I have a planning application number I will make it available for publication on this website so that anyone interested can take a look at the plans.

I have always loved the peaceful, family atmosphere of Perranuthnoe and will make sure The Cabin retains it's friendly, family structure as well as offering an efficient service to local people and visitors alike.

Lesley Bizley

As usual, please feel free to add your comments.


  1. I have some concerns over the re development of the Cabin, i.e increase in size, I have heard its to be 2/3 times its present size and with inside seating, which presumably could lead to opening in the evenings??

  2. The rebuild of The Cabin is long overdue and can only enhance the facilities on offer.
    I look forward to being able to enjoy a cup of tea and a snack whever the weather!!

  3. I love the Cabin and think encorporating inside seating (for those unpredictable summer days!) would be a great addition to the friendly cafe , look forward to seeing the plans.

  4. Yes we all love The Cabin and yes it will be lovely to sit inside during the great British summer. Lets hope the plans for the future do not include opening in the evenings as then we may be faced with dealing with unwanted noise/traffic in the village etc!!!!

  5. Pippa Young11/6/09 11:44 pm

    As this application is something that effects everyone in the village the parish council has deferred a decision until there has been a chance for consultation.

    If anyone would like to view the plans or raise any issues with me please contact me on: I will get back to you as soon as possible, but please bear in mind that I am often working so may not be able to get in touch immediately!
    I have a full set of plans here at Churchtown House.

    Please contact me as soon as possible!

  6. Pippa Young15/6/09 1:29 pm

    I would urge Perranuthnoe residents to view the plans for the Cabin development so that they can make a properly informed decision as to whether they feel it is appropriate for the village. It is important that the Parish Council hear views from both supporters and objectors.

    If you wish to make your views known, I would be grateful if you could drop me a line, or write directly to the County Council (with a copy of your letter to me).

    The plans are available for viewing at Churchtown House. Please email me or give me a call and I can arrange a time for you to view them.

    It would be great if the people who have commented on this website, could get in touch with me - I'm not sure whether views given anonymously will be taken into account.


    Phone 01736 710 475

  7. I have now looked at the plans for The Cabin, its very much bigger than had been led to believe. Possibly 4/5 times its present size with seating for 40 inside + outside!!! It seems we are looking at a restaurant not a kiosk as it is at the moment. I belive this will have a major impact on the peace and beauty of the Village and residents should look at the plans and raise any objections ASAP. Please do not forget that once planning is granted its to late to object!! Just look at Praa Sands!!!!!!

  8. I was also shocked at the size of it, this will change the village, no doubt about it.

    This is surely not going to go through?

  9. Having been contacted by Jean Warren and reading Lesley’s comments on this site, Stew and I initially had only a few minor concerns over the rebuilding of the cabin, however having seen the plans this morning, we urge anyone who has any concerns at all to look at them.

    The increase in size is more than 2/3 times and it is planning to be open in the evenings with a proposed inside seating area for 40 people, as well as increasing the outside seating area. The proposed building is more in line with an upmarket beach restaurant such as the Porthminster Beach Cafe in St. Ives, not a ‘wooden structure, much the same as is already there’.

    If this goes through, it will have a huge impact on the village.

  10. The re-development of The Cabin is in no way inkeeping with its surrounings, I back Pippa's comments and urge all Villagers to take a look at the plans. We must object to the over development of The Cabin, this will spoil our village.

  11. Lesley Bizley16/6/09 5:13 pm

    We are currently in consultation with the planning department to try and overcome some of the concerns that have been raised in terms of height and size of the Cabin building. Amended drawings will be distributed very shortly and will be made available for inspection. I had advised Pippa on Monday morning that the plans she had could be amended very shortly but unfortunately these have been made available for inspection before receiving a response on the outcome of the consultation with the planning department and subsequent amended drawings.

    I must stress that the Cabin will remain a beach cafe NOT a restaurant. I have no intentions of applying for a licence, I will NOT be serving alcohol. We will only be open until 8.30pm in the high season only. We have always been a family venue and will always remain as such.

    I was at the Cabin on Sunday afternoon as advertised on the village website and am doing my very best to try and accommodate all the facilities requested by customers e.g. inside seating and quicker service into a single storey wooden building.

    My mobile phone number is 07590182522 and as ever I am available to discuss this with you.

    I will let everybody know as soon as the amended plans are available.


  12. 'My Lords I presenteth to thee a plan in lines and words for my intentions for my domain that may be known as the 'Cabin'. I pray that with your Lordships agreement that these plans be accepted for not what they appear to be, but what I sayeth that they are and so avoid any
    confusion of thought amongst the populace.'

    'Should these plans become to the notice of the populace and by some reason unknown to me, be objected to, then of course you will understand that although these are the plans that your humble servant hath submitted to you, it will be said that these are not the actual intentions that I intended and that the actual intentions that I intend will be different and not as the lines and words submitted intended, as is plain to be seen.'

    "The Lady doth protest too much, methinks"
    signed, Britric of Uthno

    ps with thanks to Hamlet.

  13. Pippa Young17/6/09 7:58 am

    The parish council has to discuss the plans that they are provided with. Lesley did advise me that there might possibly be an alteration to the roof height, but the council is required to respond and return the plans they have been given by the planning office by a certain time.
    I wasn't aware that alterations would extend beyond the adjustment to the roof height. If this was the case then I apologise for not informing everyone who is interested. Perhaps Lesley could post here details of exactly what the revisions to the plans are likely to be?
    If the existing plans are to be withdrawn I will certainly inform everyone who has made comments and will look forward to being able to provide revised plans for consultation at a later date.

  14. Pippa Young17/6/09 8:05 am

    PS I think there is a confusion over exactly what the opening hours are proposed for the development. Perhaps Lesley could confirm this? The planning statement indicates opening hours of 9 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. If this is not correct will it be amended on the revised plans?

  15. Re:Supportive neighbours:- As near neighbours to the Cabin, we are suprised by the comments made on the planning application. While we have not yet viewed the plans, all the reported detail makes us at least concerned, and very likely to oppose this application. Alan and Linda Collins, Towan cottage.

  16. As a resident of the village and a customer of the Cabin, I strongly feel that the charm of the whole concept is based around it's small size and casual nature. A formal inside seating area the size of which seems to be on the cards is unacceptable and I could not see myself agreeing to anything other than a few (2-4) small tables inside for a hot soup on a cold day. I have great concerns about late opening as again the charm of the village is that it calms down in the evening to allow walks down to the beach without having vehicles whizzing by as they do in the day. Surely this would be ruined.

  17. The village will be ruined if this allowed to go ahead. I agree with the above comment, the cabin should remain the same, maybe and only maybe a couple of seats inside but I think it has managed this long as it is why change now? It's commercialisation at it's worst. Please don't ruin something really nice just for your own pocket.

  18. Hi Pippa

    Opening times will be included in the revised plans. During the season I plan to stay open until 8.30pm for the families coming off the beach.

    I’ve spoken to the architect and the revised plans will take a little longer than I anticipated. Once finished they will be submitted through the usual channels. This may take a couple of weeks. I’ve read through all the comments on the website very carefully and will do my best to come up with solutions.


  19. Dave & Andrea (The Old Post Office)
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and can air their views as they wish. However, they are not entitled to give our opinion for us, especially when it is misleading and wrong. So for the record, "we are totally opposed to the proposal as it stands". We came to this conclusion having seen the plans that Lesley had with her on Sunday last. My understanding is that once submitted, plans have to be withdrawn before they can be amended. If this happens we will be then be granted an extended period to reconsider them. Until then people should nave their say on the plans as they exist and not what might be!

  20. Will the opening times be included in the revised plans or will they be amended in the revised plans?

    How are the plans going to be revised?

    Will the new structure be no bigger than twice the existing size? I'm sure most people would have no objections to that, but more than twice the size would be out of keeping and possibly prohibited in an AONB.

  21. I believe Lesley could have saved herself alot of expense and ill will, if she had made known her plans to the village and customers of the cabin, before submitting them to planning. She must have realised that such a major rebuild would raise questions within the village, which she could then have taken into account and submitted plans accordingly.

    Lesley is now saying that she is amending her plans to resubmit, but this would now seem premature in the light of events, as she is as yet unaware of any comments that the Council may make on her 'submitted' proposal.
    Most comments have concentrated on size and opening hours, but there are also a number of technical and environmental concerns to be answered, which I am sure the Council will raise.

    Finally, on the point of opening hours, Lesley says 'During the season I intend to stay open until 8.30pm for families coming off the beach'.
    From experience of running a business in the village, most familes have left the beach by 6 to 6.30m (assuming the tide is still out and there is any beach left to sit on)and those on the beach after that time are usually having a BBQ with their own food, so it may not make commercial sense to stay open to that time. Unless of course she is thinking about attracting people into the village in the evening?
    If she is,then she may be unaware that there is a planning restriction in place within the village, regarding trading in a residential area after 7pm.

    Kevin (Village Crafts)
    ps On a matter like this, it would make comments more credibile and fair if people signed there names.

  22. Pippa Young19/6/09 1:40 pm

    I spoke to Lesley yesterday and today and with her permission I would like to make sure that everyone knows that:


    Amended plans may be prepared, but at this moment it is not certain when they will be available, or what changes will be made.

    Anyone who wishes to express their views should do so based on the plans which I still have available for viewing at Churchtown House.

    The parish Council have to make their recommendations before July 1st and will be discussing this issue on 25th June.

  23. We are totally in agreement with all the objections to the proposed developments at The Cabin. Unfortunately we missed out on the meeting but please inform us of any further meetings in the future.

    All at Gilberts Yard

  24. I'm really pleased you small minded load mimby's never got your way,and the new cabin went ahead.

  25. Jealous small minded Mimbys you mean thank you Lesley for your wonderful food and service, the cabin looks great, those villagers should be so lucky to have you serving their fellow human beings near the beach colonel Tom