Friday, 16 April 2010

Cabin Planning - Third application

A new proposal has been submitted for the cabin. The last one has been withdrawn. The Parish Council, for some reason, has not been sent copies of the application even though it was registered on 23rd March. However, I popped down to St Clare this morning and the receptionist very kindly made copies for me. These are available for viewing at Churchtown House. I welcome anyone to come and take a look. Please give me a call first on 07812 653 348.

The plans differ from the last in that there is now a staff toilet included. In addition foul drainage is now connected to the mains via a new pumping arrangement on the Cliff House development and the new Cornish hedge is now approximately 1.25 metres high on the roadside (90cm on cabin side). Other than that, on a very swift perusal, the plans appear to remain the same as the second incarnation. Opening hours 8am - 8pm.

As always, letters of support or objection should be addressed to planning at St Clare with, ideally, a copy to me. The Parish Council is trying to arrange a special meeting to discuss this as the consultation period is 8th - 29th April. This period falls directly between the monthly meetings so unless a special meeting can be arranged Parish views cannot be expressed.

I notice that on another thread there are a number of anonymous views, both in support of and objecting to this proposal. Can I urge those people to express their views in writing? If you feel strongly enough to express yourself on the website, isn't it worth exercising your democratic rights by making your views known to the Parish Council?

Hope to hear from everyone who has a view - for, or against!

Please note that as the previous applications were withdrawn, any letters sent regarding the application are now filed away. New letters will have to be written.




  1. Pippa Young16/4/10 3:14 pm

    Since my phone call to the planning office this morning, a planning notice has been posted down by the cabin. when I spoke to him a few minutes ago, Phil Brookes, the planning officer, has agreed to give us a little more time to consult. However, in order to present your views to the parish council, I would be grateful if you could let me know what you think as soon as possible.



  2. Hi Pippa
    Are you a parish councillor?

  3. How come the craft centre application is not avaliable to view at Church town house? Why is it only the Cabin plans? I feel they could both have the same impact on the village but we have to go to Penzance to see one set?

  4. Pippa Young28/4/10 2:28 pm

    In reply to the last post, the Craft Centre plans were, and indeed all plans are, available for viewing at Churchtown House, once I receive them. Usually plans arrive within a few days of the Parish Council meeting which gives me a chance to consult those who have expressed an interest or who I feel may be affected in some way. On rare occasions, plans do not arrive until the last minute. If there has been a high level of interest (as in the case of the cabin) and the plans arrive late, I will ask for more time to consult.

    I have an email list of people who have asked to be kept informed of planning matters, on which anyone can be included. If you would like to be on the list, let me know who you are and give me your email address.

    However, anyone can ring me at any time if they have concerns or wish to support a planning application. I do not log onto the village blogspot on a regular basis so if there is anything you wish to ask me, it is best to contact me direct (two posts above!). My phone number is 710475. Please leave a message if I do not answer.

    FYI, I sent out a group email regarding the Craft centre proposal on 25th February when the applicants were carrying out their pre-planning consultation.
    If the person who posted above wants to get in touch with me I will be happy to explain why people felt that the two proposals were different and would not have the same impact, as it is rather lengthy to go into here!