Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Trenow Quarry Footpath - Can You Help

Hello everyone. I am making attempts to get the footpath besides Trenow Quarry registered as a public footpath. Some of you will remember the upset it caused when it did close and the subsequent piece in the Cornishman.

I have spoken to Cornwall Council about completing a Definitive Map Modification Order and had support from Parish Cllr G. Griffiths. To make a change there needs to be about 20 statements from people who have used that path over the past 20 years (or longer), but the more the better. The statements or letters then get submitted to Truro along with the application.

Some of you will remember walking up the quarry track and then through the fields. Others will remember going up the "slide" which is a track at the side of the quarry. Both routes started and ended more or less in the same place. If you can remember using both ways all the better, so please include both in your letter. The sorts of things that need to go in your letters are as follows:

  • Address To Whom It May Concern
  • When did you first use the footpath, approx.?
  • How often did you use the path - daily, weekly etc?
  • Why did you use it - to walk the dog, take children for a walk, shortcut to Churchway footpath, pick flowers, route to work etc?
  • Any anecdotal things eg. Virginia Laity can remember going up the slide with a van because the farmer Jim Bettens had fallen and injured his leg.
To include things like you always assumed it was a right of way or that you never had to seek anyone's permission to be there would also be helpful.

Letters of support can be dropped off at Perranuthnoe Village Crafts or you can phone me 711875 to collect from your home. A map is available at the shop if you are not quite sure where it is.

Many thanks

Karen Wall

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  1. Pippa Young19/5/10 8:36 pm

    Hi Karen,

    Have you talked to Mary Collins about this? I know she was involved when it was in the Cornishman a few years ago - she might not pick this up online though.