Thursday, 25 November 2010

Updated - Perranuthnoe Oil Group

Please see comment below if you ARE or WANT to be in this group

I have recieved an email today which I think you should all be aware of:

I was a little concerned at the size of my oil bill after the recent delivery from Watsons (Perranuthnoe group) so I rang round various oil companies for an on-the-spot price. I'm sorry to report that, even with the group discount, Watsons were six pence per litre more expensive than the best price (Semmens)I have now withdrawn from the group and am left wondering how much less I could have paid over the last couple of years!

Best check your prices everyone!


  1. Perranuthnoe Oil Group
    Further to last weeks post I contacted Chris Ball(he set the group up initially) and after a long chat we came to the conclusion that Watson's were doing us no favours and he suggested that I try and negotiate a better deal for us either with Watson's or an alternative supplier. After several phone calls Watson's have offered us a "better" rate for next time which will be based on the best rate on the day from (a comparative website for oil prices)at a 1000 ltr. rate with an extra 2p per litre off in respect of the higher price we have just paid.
    But, the truth is, I don't trust them and after further discussions with Chris feel that moving to another supplier is probably the best option and for this we need the group members support. The favourite supplier at present is Semmens, but to give us the best price they need to know numbers and approx. usage so could you let me know through the village website or tel.01736719042.If you know of anyone in the scheme that may not see this post please ask them to ring me. I know some people are sceptical but the facts are that we definitely have better buying power as a group (if not with Watson's)so if you are not currently in the group and would like to join please get in touch (armed with the same info). We need to move fairly quickly so that we can sort this before the next fill up which will be sooner rather than later in the current climate!
    P.S. Quite concerned to see that since we were filled up all suppliers have gone up circa 8p!!

  2. Hi David - I was unable to be in the last Oil Group as their supply vehicle was too wide - I am interested in being part of the group - I will check my oil level and get back to you.
    Michael Ball

  3. Pippa Young4/12/10 7:28 pm

    Hi oil group/Dave, Chris and Mike,

    I would be happy to rejoin the group if other members are looking to change suppliers. I was a little surprised at what appeared to amount to sharp practice by Watsons - my bill was £100 more than it would have been if I had bought from Semmens.

    I do wonder, if we are buying in bulk, whether we need to get the best price on the day, rather than enter into a regular contract. I realise that this means a bit more work, but it would be too tempting for any supplier to 'push' the numbers. If there are enough people in the group, our buying power ought to be strong enough to get a good deal every delivery.

    Mike, if you need a special small tanker to deliver to you, is there anyone else in your neck of the woods who might also join the group?

    Does anyone know approximately what quantity of oil the group has been buying per delivery?

    Pippa Young