Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Short film of the Street Party by Ben Mankin

Ben Mankin has made a short film of Perranuthnoes Royal Wedding Street Party which can be viewed here:
(People may want to make sure 'HD' is off - ie greyed out, not blue - in the control bar at the bottom of the film screen. If it is blue, it takes for ever to download....)

He has entered it in to The Times 'Smile' competition - the challenge was to 'make us smile'. This is the link to some info about the competition.

Good luck Ben and thank you for sharing


  1. Well Done Ben, this short recording at Perranuthnoe is Excellent and very Professional.
    I spent my life as a Television Cameraman making docu`s, retired now.
    Once again Well Done.


  2. Thank you very much for your comments. I'm interested to hear that you did documentaries as that is what I want to do! You might like to see the short documentary I made for my 'A' level film studies:

    I'd be interested in your comments...

  3. Well done Ben!!
    You really captured the essence of the day!!
    Loved it!!

  4. Ben you asked me to look at your documentary at
    Which you did for your `A` Level Film Studies, please do not think I am being "over patronising" but IT WAS JUST EXCELLENT, I could not fault it in anyway, your two interviews with young Isaac and Roger Nowell were brilliant, the sound throughout was so clear and, as for you pictures they were outstanding as was the content of the documentary.
    If I was still working (Oh how I miss it) I would employ you. You chose one of the most difficult environments, at sea, but you even got that right I did notice the sea was calm but non the less you made the most of that, for 12 minutes I was enthralled with the story but most of all with your use of the equipment, it was well shot, sounded good. Well Done my friend, your going to make it in one of the most difficult industries.
    By the way I have a good internet connection and watched it in HD, beautiful.
    Very Well Done.
    This is from an ex camerman who has worked all over the world, you deserve every accolade for a job well done.
    My Sincere Regards


  5. Wow, Thank you very much! I'm bowled over! Do you live in Perranuthnoe? What sort of documentaries did you make when you worked as a cameraman?

  6. Hi Again Ben,
    Unfortunately I don`t live in Perranuthnoe, I know a few poeple there, we get to West Cornwall when ever we can, it will be a little less now as I have become a Programme Presenter on our local radio station, see, when I was 15 I set myself some goals and ambitions and to work in Radio was the last one left on my list, I have fullfilled all I ever wanted to do.
    I have made documentarys in Iceland, Finland and the Ice Hotel, Tiananaman Square and beyond in Bejing, I have worked on the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy in New Zealand, for many years I worked on small outakes in New York, yes if you have watched CSI NY I did most of the City Helicopter shots, the list is endless, no I refused to did the outakes on CSI Miami as they wanted me to use far to many ridiculous filters making the backgrounds red and orange, very unreal.
    I am presuming on your docu you used a small HD video, you will have to get to use a very large and heavy camera, they are like carrying a truck battery but they have some of the best lenses you will ever use.
    I have actually been back and had another watch of your Docu, it`s that good.
    I do hope all turns out as you have planned, after what I have seen you have got a natural way of producing a great result.
    By The Way I actually live in Wellington just outside of Taunton in Somerset.
    I have a blog
    no video but lots of photography, you can miss out the radio part at the beginning.
    My Very Best To You


  7. Your picture of the barn owl in flight is AMAZING!

    I really appreciate your feedback. I'm going to UCA Farnham in September to do film production and cinematography. Ultimately, I would like to be a director/producer.

    By the way, the short film of the street party won first prize in the Times 'Smile' competition! I'm going to use the prize money to invest in a bigger and better camera.


    PS Any hot career tips gratefully received....

  8. Yay!! Well Done Ben, see they think your good enough. I certainly think your going to make it, I think I have made that very clear, investing in a bigger and better camera won`t go amiss, it will be an asset, if you go to Farnham in September with a `bigger and better camera they will see you mean business, but remember it`s the finished product they want to see and how you use and set the camera up.
    As well as my Degrees with letters after my name, which I rarly use, only officially, Bsc, MA and was given an ASC that`s The American Society Of Cinematographers.
    By the way: I started life at Granada Television with a 16mm Arriflex Film Camera, which I still have, I still have a Panasonic HD widescreen and a couple of others, I just cannot get rid of them, I even have a Began to access the sattelites and lots of sound equipment.
    If you want to contact me here...... don`t know if I am supposed to do that.

    MY Friend I wish you all the Best In The World, you deserve that.

    All My Very Best To You


  9. Well done Ben - really great news that you won the prize, your video is a classic. Little did we realise that when singing "The National Anthem" that we in Perranuthnoe would become world famous !!
    Congratulations again - Mike and Barbara