Monday, 20 February 2012

Trenow Cove Dairy‏

Trenow Cove Dairy has started production of real fresh unpasteurised milk following a DEFRA inspection on Friday.

Its remarkable in lots of ways. Its the only milk being currently produced from a Whitebred Shorthorn cow in the world, (despite being a dual purpose breed), - its a first for at least half a century. Its a promotion of this very rare breed of cow with approx 152 registered females in the world. Its probably the smallest dairy in Britain. It is also the first dairy production in Perranuthnoe village for many decades, having last been produced by Joe Laity at Lynfield farm. Also a rarity is that it is milk that has not been homogenised. So, like old fashioned milk the cream comes to the top of the bottle. There is some evidence from the Soil Association that homogenised milk contributes to heart disease, (fat molecules have been made smaller and therefore more readily absorbed from the gut into the blood stream).

Chilled milk will be available daily in 1 litre or 2 litre tamper proof milk containers, selling at £1.20 & £2.20 respectively. Karen can be contacted directly by phone or mobile to place orders tell: 711875 or 07980 313739. Milk will be available for collection at 11.30am in the village.

Production will double in August when Buttercup gives birth. However, by this time it is anticipated that milk will be available pasteurised along with the current unpasteurised form. Other products such as plain and fruit yogurt, butter and buttermilk will also be available. Pasteurised products will be made available in Perranuthnoe Village Crafts with milk prices remaining at current values.

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