Friday, 5 October 2012

Have You Joined Cornwall Together

The countdown is on to 28th October when Cornwall Together will close its doors and start negotiating with the energy companies. It goes without saying that the more members we have, the better deal we will be able to secure.

What happens next?
On Monday 29th October we will hold a reverse auction whereby we will invite the energy suppliers to bid to supply the group. We'll aim to get the cheapest deal for everyone, although we will also be looking for an energy option from a more sustainable source. We'll then come back to you and you can decide to accept either offer and change your energy provider or not, there is no obligation.

Why buy in this way?
Apart from the fact that this should save you a lot of money, Cornwall Together is about bringing our community together to support each other and make a difference. The more members we have, the better price we hope to secure so please help us grow the group by spreading the word.

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