Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Free Computer Classes For Older People

Being more mature in age can mean that you may have missed out on learning about new technology that younger people take for granted these days – but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay that way!

Jennis (Peppercorn) son Giles has started a small project. He is offering free computer classes to the more mature amongst us who would love to be able to use a computer to email and Skype family etc. but haven't a clue how to begin.

Giles isn't by any means a computer buff, he's a shipwright - but bought his grandmother (who's 81) a tablet for Christmas and embarked on teaching her to use it. He then realised that she had a couple of friends who also wanted to be able to contact family and friends overseas, send and receive photos, and generally join in with the rest of the world. Consequently he decided - a few weeks ago- to start this club. There is no charge, there is coffee and tea available for a small donation and an opportunity to meet others and to have fun learning how to access all the wonderful things available to them via the internet.

For anyone interested in going along the classes are on Monday evenings from 6-00pm until 7-00 to 7-30 at Peppercorn.

There is no need for people to book, but it's useful to know how many will turn up so if newbies wanted to call Jenni at home - 01736 797672, or leave a message at Peppercorn - 01736 719584, preferably before the day of the class - that'd be helpful. Similarly for any questions.

Giles would also like to here from others who would be willing to volunteer an hour of their time occasionally to offer guidance (one to one is ideal), he also needs more tablets to use - so he's looking for donations of tablets or donations towards buying a few for folks to use before they decide whether or not to buy their own. I think they currently cost about £140 so it wouldn't take long to save up for a couple if we could get some donations.

Please feel free to contact either Jenni on the numbers above or Kay via the village website contact page.

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