Monday, 27 July 2015

Lifeguard For Perran Beach

Recently, we were visited by Phil Drew from the RNLI. He chatted about the need for a lifeguard on Perranuthnoe Beach. This is something that Lisa and I have often talked about- ever since we were at the Cabin and were often the first stop for victims of weaver fish and even once a broken hip! Lifeguards are not only there to perform water rescues, they deal with anything from basic first aid requirements to cardiac arrests, broken bones and lost children to mention but a few.

If anyone in the village feels that a lifeguard during the summer season would be a benefit, then please feel free to pop in and add your signature to the petition. We have a coupe of weeks to gather as many names as possible.

We hope to see you soon

Jenni and Lisa
Peppercorn Kitchen Café

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