Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Thoughts On The Roads In Perranuthnoe‏

Dear all,

Your Parish Council is still trying to get something done about problem parking in our village.

Some years ago, a scheme requiring double yellow lines throughout the village and along the access road was proposed, but it met with opposition from some businesses and some residents. Because there was no consensus, the scheme could not go forward.

The option of having double yellow lines still divides opinion, so we are trying to find some possible alternatives.

As an alternative start point for a scheme, how about at least designating some "no parking allowed" passing places on the village access road and some no parking areas at key "pinch points" in the village?

Or, does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?

Could residents please email me at theresagourlay@hotmail.com with ideas. I'd appreciate inputs by June 15th, so that I can collate everything and communicate back to you on options.

In particular, if we go ahead with the suggested alternative, please help identify where passing places should be and where the key "pinch points" are within our village.

Your inputs will help me to go back to the PC with a concrete proposal as an alternative to blanket yellow lines.

If residents wish to form a committee on this topic, then I can facilitate this as well.

Thanks for your time,
Theresa Strawson


  1. I think passing places would be a good solution- it's not the quantity of cars that presents a problem but the difficulty passing them all without meeting another car. It may be necessary to hatch the areas too as some parkers might not notice yellow lines?

  2. Theresa Strawson7/6/16 3:39 pm

    Thanks, Peter. Definitely worth adding that into the draft plans.

  3. One of the worst places is at the junction with the road to the church. If cars park on the opposite side then downhill traffic has to pull onto the wrong side and its on a blind bend. Its in the highway code not to park opposite a junction but it is something that has been forgotten. As to yellow lines I was at a parish council meeting when this was discussed again - 2yrs ago. The not wanting yellow lines issue was a long time ago and the traffic has got worse since. I don't think the whole village has to have yellow lines, just Perranuthnoe hill. Porthcurno have done the same and it works well. Karen Wall

  4. Theresa Strawson8/6/16 3:15 pm

    Thanks, Karen. Yes, that is a particularly nasty junction when the lane is "over-parked" and definitely needs attention.