Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Be On The Look Out Villagers

The following report was posted to the Goldsithney Facebook group last night. Be aware!

"Just came in from a bike ride and spotted someone tucked in behind the wall/car of a cottage 3rd or 4th one down at the top of the village (on the left as you enter from St Hilary).
Waited down the road for a bit to see what he was up to then saw him duck in behind the shop. Went up to see what he was up to and confront him. Can't prove he was doing anything but he claims he's from PZ on his way home from work but then said he doesn't work? Claimed he was not up to anything.

Anyway long story short, I threatened to phone my 'colleagues' and said it's best he moves on so followed him out to the roundabout to make sure he was gone!

Would suggest you check your cars/property in that area. One of you had your blind/curtains open where he was lurking, think he might of had a rucksack? But nothing when he left so might be worth checking your gardens.

 He was about 30, 5'10, light coloured baseball cap, black balaclava with open face, jogging bottoms, dark top, unshaven and didn't have a local accent, riding a grey hybrid/MTB with rear mudguard."

Please be vigilant everyone. Feel free to report anything like this to our own Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/perranuthnoe/ Or report it via the contact page on our village website. It's good to be an observant citizen and take action. We all benefit.

Stay safe.

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