Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Closure Of Public Toilets

On Saturday 9th November local people gathered in Perranuthnoe car park to show Cornwall Council how strongly they feel about the closure of the public toilets during weekdays for the winter months. The Perranuthnoe Peeathon event was created on Facebook with around 70 people, several dogs and a horse turning up.



Local people and businesses are feeling let down by Cornwall Council. Comments such as 'we are the ones paying the most council tax yet we are not allowed use of the toilets in winter!' and 'they (Cornwall council) are urging small businesses to stay open all year round yet they themselves are closing the amenities, what sort of message are they trying to send out?'
What's the Cornish motto, ah yes Onan hag Oll - One and all. Cornwall Council showing true Cornish spirit (not).

There is also a petition which already has almost 1000 signatures.
If you would like to see our toilets remain open please sign the petition which can be found in;
The Cabin, Village Crafts, The Peppercorn, The Victoria Inn, The Cowhouse Gallery and 'Kernewek KY Professional Dog Grooming' located in Lynfield Craft Centre.

If you would like copies of the petition to gather your own signatures and help the cause please click here.

You have until Sunday 17th November to sign the petition.

You can also complain yourself via email envmanagement@cornwall.gov.uk

Your comments are more than welcome.

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