Friday, 26 June 2009

Parish Council Votes Unanimously To Object To The Cabin Proposal

The Parish Council received over 35 letters of objection to the proposal to develop the cabin, as well as a list of well over 60 names registering an objection. It was agreed that the proposal was inappropriate, over development and that it would have a seriously detrimental effect on the community, as well as a negative effect on the environment. I will keep you posted with news of this application as soon as I am aware of any development. Thank you to everyone who gave their opinion. What a great community!


  1. Just received a letter fron Planning Office, Cornwall Council stating that the application has been withdrawn ! We await the next instalment of this saga !

  2. Andy Speake14/8/09 10:56 am

    I've read all of the comments regarding the proposed development of the cabin with great interest. I have to say that I'm delighted that the proposals have been rejected as in my view the new cabin would have been totally out of keeping in the context of the beach and the village as a whole.

    I'd also like to say that I'm very sad to hear that the ladies who run the Cabin have been given notice to quit. They have offered an excellent service and I can only hope that the new provision will be as good. The lunch that they sold me on Tuesday was delicious!

  3. From an Annual Visitor.

    We've been coming to Perranuthnoe every year for 15 years, and have watched it gradually change in that time.

    When we first came, there was no cabin (and we had no kids!) We surfed every day, even Christmas Day, walked along the coast, sat in the Victoria for hours and went to Midnight Mass in the Church. We were even welcomed to join in your party games at the Victoria on New Year's Eve!

    After a couple of years The Cabin started up on a small basis and was a welcome cup of tea, then a piece of cake. Part of the experience was sitting in the drizzle!

    Since then we've watched the Cabin expand and start to sell beach products (very convenient for the kids) and a great range of lunches and snacks - the menu has been especially good in the last two years, with tapas etc.

    In that time we've also seen the arrival of a requirement for an overflow car park in the peak months, and the necessity to queue for a few minutes at the Cabin on most days in the season. Plus the establishment of shops in the old farm yard that was derelict when we first visited.

    All of these are inevitable in a place like Perranuthnoe, as people seek out more tranquil areas, especially those with beaches, along the coast. They soon become less tranquil as a result, and some would say the environment deteriorates. (Others who prefer a more lively holiday wouldn't.)

    My own opinion is that, at the moment, Perranuthnoe is just about at capacity for the current facilities. If shops and eateries develop further (say a Bistro in the farmyard, or the proposal for the Cabin) there would be the requirement for more parking, and there would be more congestion and more visitors. The beach would get busier, the likelihood is that families would extend their stay into the evening and eat dinner there, and youngsters would come down in the evening for a 'few beers.' I know I would have 15 years ago!

    For me, I can choose to go on holiday somewhere else if it gets too busy - I don't live in the village, and the residents are the people whose lives will be affected the most.

    So who is the village for - the residents or the visitors? I say the residents, you're there all year round - we just come for a week. Why should someone who lives 200 miles away determine the social landscape of your village?

    My 9 year old had already requested 'lunch at the Cabin' on the day we arrived. I showed her the plans and she said, I like it just the way it is at the moment.

    So do we, it's perfect. That goes for the whole village. But it's not ours, it's yours.

  4. I would just like to thank the 'annual visitor' for the above post. It says it all!!!
    The Old Post Office

  5. Thanks to Andrea - I must have been pining for Perranuthnoe as I was having a quick look at your website and saw her comment.

    We had a lovely week in the summer, including lunch at the Cabin - twice!

    And we've booked to come back over New Year - can't wait! We even have the village as our desktop background at the moment.

    Seems the result on The Cabin was the one the residents wanted, so fair enough, hope this is enough for the current tenants to be able to renew their contract as it's well worth it.