Thursday, 4 February 2010

New Planning Application - The Cabin

The Cabin Cafe, Towan, Perranuthnoe - Demolition of cafe, construction of replacement & associated works - Mrs L Bizley - 10-0023-P

Members of the public may inspect copies of the application; the plans and other documents submitted with it at the address given below during normal office hours. Anyone wishing to comment or make representation on the above applications should write to Planning & Regeneration, Cornwall Council, St. Clare, Penzance, TR18 3QW or email to within 21 days of this publication quoting the relevant application number given above. Please note that all comments made either in writing or by email will be acknowledged but it is only those comments relevant to material planning considerations that will be taken into account as part of an application's determination. Any representations received will be open to inspection by the applicant, interested parties and the general public. (MNR) Minor Application, (MJR) Major Application


  1. Pippa Young4/2/10 11:01 pm

    As the plans for this application were only available to the parish council 10 minutes before the meeting this evening, it was agreed that the decision would be delayed for a few days in order to consult interested or concerned parties. I would suggest that all those who would like to see the plans, or to discuss the application, contact me.

    I would like to suggest three possible times when I will make the plans available for viewing and discussion here at Churchtown House.
    Unfortunately I have several things happening next week so will not be available every day.

    Friday 5th February between 3pm and 5pm
    Sunday 7th February between 3pm and 5pm
    Wednesday 10th February between 6pm and 7.30pm

    Please feel free to turn up without calling beforehand at any of the above times

    I hope that those times would be convenient to everyone who is interested. If there is anyone who cannot make any of them and is desperate to see the plans please give me a call on 07812653348.

    Look forward to seeing some of you.


  2. I think that the plans for the cafe is a fantastic idea. It will become a more modern, better looking version of its former self. Hopefully appealing to the same customers and bringing in a little more tourism. I doubt the good sevice and food will change. But I think this change should be welcomed by the community and maybe we could even pitch in with ideas for events. Personally, I think perran in a tight knit comminity and we all support each other, I dont see why this is any different.

  3. I like the idea of inside seating and the general plans. There isnt much going on elsewhere to have a natter over cream teas with that beautiful view as close as the cabin. I agree with the fact that it does need to be rebuilt, its old and wearing and why not add better facilities? It can only make the service faster and better. As for ruining the beauty of Perranuthnoe...I think that is a ridiculas statement, its a cafe, not a nightclub!

  4. Perran is a tight-knit community as far as looking after the village is concerned.

    The plans are terrible and extremely unpopular, there is enormous opposition and there always will be with a propopsed establishment of this size and structure!

    The good food WILL change, it will go back to being a normal pasty selling tourist rip off establishment.

    "Isn't much going on elsewhere"????? are you blind? have a look around you. Maybe you like to "natter" (gossip) over a cream tea but most do not.

    Most just want to enjoy the unspoilt natural beauty of Perranuthnoe not the sight of yet another greasy spoon cafe.

  5. jackie hartley24/2/10 6:39 pm

    I am a former resident of Perranuthnoe and I used to work in The Cabin...the new building is long over due..the old one is "tired" and needs a facelift! having seen the proposed plan ..its not really much bigger,,and what a great idea to have a few seats indoors..ideal for families with children coming up from the beach,for a little snack or lunch...the village pub isnt really child friendly as I found out last summer when visiting with my little grandchildren plus far too expensive! the comments from" anonymous" against the new plans I can only assume they have never visited the Cabin when Leslie ran it was never a greasy spoon..all the food was freshly cooked ,,Leslie baked beautiful cakes,the pasties (of course,traditional cornish fare) were delivered fresh each day...and what better than to sit in lovely surroundings looking out o sea and enjoying a good old natter over a delicious cream tea! I did eat at the Cabin last summer and was greatly disappointed...the service was poor and very slow..queues nearly down to the pasties! i did notice i could have a greek salad in a box! no thanks i am in cornwall not Greece!.......

    thanks for listening ..from Jackie Hartley ( not anonymous)

  6. The village does not need anymore tourism. On many days each year this village becomes virtually paralysed by parked cars, some even parking across residents driveways, blocking their own cars in. We have also had several cases over the years of ambulances having to be abandoned in the village because they cant get past a badly parked car and their crews had to continue on foot, therefore possibly putting someones life at risk because of the delay.
    As for the food, the menu the girls have been serving is good quality and very tasty. Just because this is Cornwall, why would we want another pasty shop, there's enough of those in St.Ives and elsewhere.
    If this application goes ahead, it could open the flood gates for a whole raft of planning applications and change the whole feel of the village and destroy why people come here.

  7. "not really much bigger" - Have you really seen the plans? It's about 50% bigger!

    "village pub isn't really child friendly" - Agreed, what a shame, that's the type of thing that happens when you are only in it for the money.

    "assume they have never visited the Cabin when Leslie ran it" - You assume wrongly.

    "Leslie baked beautiful cakes" - Well they were huge, not sure about beautiful though, full of air and not much else.

    "I did eat at the Cabin last summer and was greatly disappointed...the service was poor" - ??? the service is always very good, polite, friendly and helpful.

    "and very slow..queues nearly down to the beach" - People are prepared to wait for good food and it is obviously popular otherwise there would be no queues!

    "no pasties!" - Hooray!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love pasties, I am Cornish after all, but a change is as good as a rest don't you think?

    "greek salad in a box!" - Now that's more like it!

    "thanks for listening ..from Jackie Hartley ( not anonymous)" - The idea of commenting anonymously is so that everyone can air their views without fear of retribution.

    "I am a former resident of Perranuthnoe" - Former being the right word, it's easy to make comments about something that will not affect you, I do not know of any RESIDENTS that are in agreement with these plans.

    Yours faithfully

    Anonymous (and a resident)

  8. I agree with the anonymous resident above!!
    I am also a resident and very much opposed to the current plans!! I also lived in the village when Lesley ran The Cabin, not that I had a problem with Lesley, the food and choice is so much better now!!! also, as far as I am aware Lesley did not actually bake the cakes herself but had others bake them for her!! The current plans are far too large for this sensitive environment, its overdevelopment of the site, I have no problem with the re building of The Cabin with something similar to its present size and function. We have an excellent Pub in our village, that IS child friendly, it provides a very good children's menu and crayons and pencils to keep the children amused. The Plans for the Cabin are very misleading and will set a precedent for future expansion and development - just look at Praa Sands!!!!

  9. I am sure the residents of Perranuthnoe do not want a fast food takeaway in the village. With all the litter, noise and traffic it would bring. The village is already very well served by The Chinnese takeaway, The Victoria Inn, Village crafts and The Cabin in its current form. Perranuthnoe is a lovely unspoilt village in an area of natural beauty, let those that want pasties and burger and chips go to Penzance!! Please keep Perranuthnoe as it is, thats what the visitors come here for!!!

  10. everyone is complaining about the fact that the cabin is expanding by 50%, sure, its going to be bigger but the cabin itself is tiny. its hardly going to be BIG!
    and as for the "greasy spoon" fresh food was always prepared and was always hygienic! i was also a resident and i think that this is just what perran needs.
    i doubt it will turn into praa sands. i agree with anonymous, is a slightly bigger cafe, nothing major like a nightclub or a casino. could you imagine that. then there really would be a problem!

  11. problems with the parking is because there is really good surf! not an overkill of pasties!

  12. Lisa and Jenni have turned the Cabin around it is now perfect for Perranuthnoe. Nobody wants to see them go. Nobody wants a big Cabin everyone loves it just the way it is. Thats what I think anyway

  13. this is great everyone loves jenni & lisa they might stay yipeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. Its so interesting to note that all those in favour of the Cabin expansion are 'former' residents, people who will not have to live with its effects 24/7 in the village.

  15. I've heard that Jenni and Lisa are going to move up to the farm yard to open a food outlet there - regardless of whether the Cabin gets rebuilt or not will that not create more traffic and bring more people down into the already crowded village? Does Perran really need yet another eatery fast food/good food whatever?

  16. I think the Cabin should be allowed to expand, why not, good for Perranuthnoe, and good for Cornwall.

  17. Re the above post, just intested as to whom in Perranuthnoe the expansion of The Cabin would be good for?? I can only assume that this post is once again from a non resident who as no idea whatsoever!!!!

  18. got a feeling alot of these anonymous in favour are all coming from the same person

  19. who lives in newquay perhaps???!

  20. The same could be said for those against the expansion. At the end of the day you cant stop progress look at the state of some of the buildings that have been built and extended in the village over the past few years - hardly 'in keeping'. If there are no GENUINE objections then I'm sure the expansion will go ahead and at least this childish slanging match will be over

  21. To compare residential extensions with a commercial business is simply nonsense.
    There are genuine and extremely relevant objections to the proposals for the Cabin and something which is detrimental to the village's residential community is hardly 'progress'.

  22. I've just seen a second hand Kebab van on Ebay.......Now there's an idea!

  23. if this weather keeps up,....what about a roasted chestnut stall?

  24. Pie and mash stall??

  25. Hmmmm interesting that all has gone quiet since the application to have a cafe in the farm yard has gone in. It would be good to hear what our parish councillor Pippa has to say about this as she was out canvassing for opposition to the Cabin due to extra traffic and people coming into the village, does the same not apply???

  26. The cafe in the farm yard is hardley on the same scale!!!! what a silly thing to say!
    And Pippa did not need to canvas people, she was inundated with calls and emails and being our parish councillor it was her job to address peoles concerns.

  27. Anyone remember the old post office ? I loved getting ice cream from there when I was a nipper

  28. Yes, I remember fab lollies, bluebird toffees and while we were in the shop, my dog ate the packets of fish bait on display outside....he was quite naughty!

  29. Yes, we need the post office back. It's sad how our village has declined. My nanny wouldn't recognise Perran now. Back on the topic of the Cabin and the proposed farm yard cafe, it will be intriguing to see how it all pans out. Is anyone going to put bets on where we are and what the state of play is come October 2010? My prediction is that your average day visitor won't be bothered to walk the extra few hundred yards back up to the farm yard, whether the cafe is run by Jenni and Lisa or not. Market forces could make this a challenging summer in our village.

  30. linda birch6/4/10 11:47 am

    I remember the post office very well. I lived there in 1987 for a couple of years. At the time a father and son ran it. They sold all sorts andwere such characters. I have just found this website and wa sad to learn that the post office had closed. If provided such useful function, in every respect x

  31. I think that Jenni and Lisa will do very well, they have built up an excellent reputation and of course they will get customers from the craft centre. And as many day visitors park in the village after the car park is full, they will get plenty of passing trade.

  32. Well I've been up to the council offices to see the plans for both proposed cafes and the farmyard cafe has the same size footprint as the cabin of 50sq m! So I believe it is on the same scale (re comment above)maybe you should check your facts before posting on this site?
    I have major concerns about this new cafe bringing more cars into the village at least the cabin renovation will just provide better facilities for existing customers, this new cafe will bring in a whole new set of people and we must question whether Perran needs this and can handle the traffic?

  33. I've heard they are wanting to create car parking spaces is that not asking more traffic to come into the village? This 'extension' sounds a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be.

  34. For sure, it's going to be an interesting year in the village. Can we support two cafes in these times of credit squeeze?

  35. This is all about money. No one really cares about the village just about how much they can make from it. Really sad and depressing. Money money money money money. Lets hope you are all happy with your fat bank accounts and sod the village, who gives a shit anyway.

  36. I do! I don't care much for money, probably becuase I haven't got much, but I do care about Perranuthnoe.

    I'm sure this will all work out in the end, there are more people than you think that care a lot about what happens here.

    Chin up and carry on careing!

    Kay Bowman

  37. I have also seen both sets of plans. The cabin is already there and an established business. Presumably it will remain even if it only gets rebuilt the same size as it is now. The proposed farmyard cafe, however, would be completely new and surely this is what could bring in extra traffic? However, I say good luck to all involved in any business in this day and age and if you are lucky enough to live in a place like this then you have to accept tourism as part of it I'm afraid.

  38. I have also seen both sets of plans. The cabin is already there and an established business. Presumably it will remain even if it only gets rebuilt the same size as it is now. The proposed farmyard cafe, however, would be completely new and surely this is what could bring in extra traffic? However, I say good luck to all involved in any business in this day and age and if you are lucky enough to live in a place like this then you have to accept tourism as part of it I'm afraid.

  39. Pippa Young16/4/10 12:56 pm

    I notice that there are a number of anonymous posts in support of the Cabin proposal. I would urge anyone to email or write to me as the Parish Council can only take into account views expressed in writing from named people. Alternatively, views of any description can be expressed directly to the planning office in St Clare.

    It was explained to the applicant, at the Parish meeting where the last application for the cabin was turned down, that the numerous telephone calls of support she had received couldn't be taken into account - it is necessary for views to be expressed in writing.

    As Parish Councillor I can only respond to the views expressed to me. If those views are all in objection to a proposal then that is the view which will be expressed for discussion at the Parish Council. This does not constitute 'canvassing' (quote from anonymous) as if views in support of a proposal are received, they would be given equal weight in the discussion.

    With regard to the proposal at the craft centre, the Parish Council was presented with a document containing handwritten responses to a leaflet drop which was carried out by the applicants. Most of these were largely in support. A number of concerns and objections were expressed to me personally and these were raised at the Parish Council meeting where the application was discussed.


  40. David Sharp28/4/10 10:33 pm

    In Pippa Young we have a Parish Councillor who, at all times, has acted both professionally and impartially whilst carrying out her duties in respect of Perranuthnoe Parish Council and in particular, whilst dealing with the issues surrounding the current planning applications.
    On the other hand,we have persons who choose to hide behind the cloak of anonymity whilst making their comments. Surely that can't be right? Isn't it time Mr.& Mrs. (or Ms.) anonymous started putting their (own)names to their comments? Perhaps I'm asking too much? It might be easier all round to take the privilege(!!) away.

  41. Kev Sansom2/5/10 7:41 am

    Hear, Hear Dave.
    I think some of the things which have been said on here by 'Anonymous' have caused more bad feeling in the village, than the building applicatiopns themselves.

    Kev Sansom

  42. Kev Sansom2/5/10 9:29 am

    Having kept quiet over the Cabin / Craft Centre cafe applications,I shall now add my comments to the pot. Heads down and here goes.

    First, Cornwall needs businesses however small to help maintian the counties economy. Local people need local employment to live, Cornwall can not survive purley on people retiring here on pensions and buying services or goods from upcountry.
    An earlier 'anonymous' writer stated that is was 'all about money and fat bank balances'
    Well I can tell that person that having run a business in this village for 6 years, I certainly do not have a fat bank accoun and I have to work hard to earn a living.

    Secondly, from a purely business point of view, any development that brings extra trade into the village helps support the existing businesses already here.
    In reality, the amount of 'holiday' trade in this village has fallen over the last few years as no less than 7 cottages which were seasonal holiday lets, have become either permanent residences or personal holiday homes.
    And dont start me on the poor summer weather!!

    In our business we try to support the 'very' local economy, by employing 4 staff who live in this village and by selling the work/goods of 6 residents of the village of Perranuthnoe.

    Third,the parking question.
    As a resident of Perranuthnoe, I am also concerned over parking problems, particularly when it makes access difficult for emergency vehicles.
    Parking or lack of parking is not simply down to the holiday trade, but is the effect of a number of reasons.
    We have in this village an extremely popular pub/restaurant, a very well attended church, an inadequate public car park, a very popular beach and huge irregular surges of surfers. Also with the new money for the Churchroom, there will obviously be new parking pressures.
    And as I am sure many residents will have noticed, we are increasingly becoming the 'in' dog toilet area of west Cornwall
    These all have consequences on parking in the village.

    Therefore instead of saying this cause or that cause is responsible for the parking problems, we as residents should be encouraging our local councillors, 'do we still have two by the way? and our county councillors to look at long term solutions to this problem.

    For instance and this is only an idea for the 'pot', that inline with a number or small Cornish coastal villages, the public car park is moved towards the main road with possibley a park and ride in the summer and residents only parking in the village.
    As I said, just a very basic suggestion.

    Finally, the cafe debate.
    We tried running a tea room with lite lunches from our premises for 2 years, 364 days per year. Our planning restrictions on granting of a cafe (3) food licence, prevented us from serving fried food or from trading before 8am or after 7pm ,because we were in a residential area.

    Even with the pub being the only other food outlet in the village during the winter months, we struggled to make any profit during the off season months, even with a good local trade. Therefore I will be extremely surprised if two cafes in the village will be able to survive out of season, under normal trading, for very long.
    Incidentally, there has been alot of comment on the building plans for both the Cabin and the Craft Centre cafes....but I have seen no mention of the type of 'food licences' being applied.

    If it is down to personal choice between the two, then I would obviously support the Craft Centre cafe, which would improve custom for the other businesses on the site and there will be extra off street parking made available on site for the cafe.

    OK so I have put my head above the parapet and if anyone wants to knock it off, they are welcome, ONLY PLEASE have the dignity/courage to put your name to any comments and dont put them up as 'Anonymous'.

  43. Im not sure if you are new to the world of forums and blogs but you have always and will always have the right to remain anonymous if you wish. just like if you complain to an authority, You have the right to remain anonymous. I think it helps when we live in such a close nit small village. we can all come on here and say what we feel.
    At the end of the day it is up to the individual. It is not down to dignity or courage. In these times it is very difficult to say anything without judgement from others. I say anonymous all the way. it is a good thing. works for the police and council so why not for forums?

  44. I can appreciate what anonymous says about the freedom to give an opinion anonymously. A problem arises, however, when the opinion is not based on fact or is malicious or intended to mislead. Or is just hurtful gossip. I hope that we can rise above that.

  45. OMG I thought things like this only happened in Midsummer Murder type scenarios a long time visitor to Cornwall I love those unspolit areas which are becoming fewer and fewer year by year. Reading this blog and seeing just how narrow minded the 'locals' are becoming its the Lakes for me in sad but we know when we aren't welcome. Sad Day :o(

  46. Am I being thick? I don't understand the last post! Is anonymous saying that locals are being narrow minded because they want to protect those unspoilt areas which anonymous loves? I don't get it?!

  47. Kev Sansom13/5/10 7:29 am

    I see the responses are just as I expected them to be...............................

  48. So Perran gets another cafe? Good luck Jenni and Lisa and good luck to the village, lets hope that their apparent popularity doesnt choke the village up with all the extra traffic and I can still get in my front door.

  49. Anonymous from Sunday May 09 2010,
    I totally agree with you, MidPerran murders it is! but I can assure you that not all perran locals are narrow minded, and even the locals that are coming across narrow minded on here are just protecting and sticking up for what they love, Lil ol Perranuthnoe.
    I grew up in the village and for a child it was at that time, a boring place to be. BUT now with the added cafe's craft centre beauty salon sawing shop arts gallery and a few other establishing business it is becoming a great place to live not just for the scenery but for amenities too! Jenni and Lisa have built up what is called a customer base regular customers that want to buy their foods and visit their cafe AND Perranuthnoe, which
    (correct me if I am wrong) will direct business to all the other businesses in the village!? Perran is notorious for bad parking kaos in the summer We have such a gorgeous village that people actually want to visit it plus the surfers. No matter how may cafes or anything else for that matter taht open, Perran will ALWAYS have kaos with cars It always has! even when i was a child and we had nothing in the village parking was a nightmare! it hasnt changed all that much! But at least now they are bringing money to the village for all the local businesses. Good on you Jenni and Lisa! me and ALL my friends love your food and hospitality and we are so happy that you will be staying with us an sunny perran! Zoe Steward

  50. It's gonna be a fun summer in Perran. Let battle commence. Pasty wars? Cappucino campaigns? Enjoy the options, let's see what market forces and the range of choice does for trade ... and see where we are this time next year!

  51. Woo-hoo! The Cabin is a beach cafe again! Pasty, ice-creams and cornish cream teas by the beautiful beach, buckets, balls and spades and a warm welcome by a familiar face. Welcome back Lesley!

  52. I'm off to see the Cabin, I reccomend this place to so many people (of good taste). This is a pleasant Cornish village, Do you know EVERY THURS 2.30-4.30 throughout summer there are delicous 'made with love' teas for £3.50 at the church hall, run by volenteers, we enjoyed the book stall ,plants and tombola on offer and the volunteers were HAPPY in their work.....that in my book is my idea of heaven.

  53. Ah brill 'pasties at dawn' when do the tickets go on sale? Beach cafe is great, just what it should be.

  54. i hope all those of you who were so nasty, narrow minded and bitter about the Cabin's refurb are now deeply ashamed of yourselves. The change is very moderate, and the food is what people want. More importantly it is what holidaymakers expect from a beach cafe and i wish Lesley continued success .