Thursday, 24 March 2011

Next Art Club Session - April 13th 7-9pm in the Church Room

We are going to have FUN! We're coming over all abstract/gestural/wild.... We will all be working on a large sheet of paper together (1.5m x as far as we can stretch it in the room - 4- 5m?) using anything which can make a mark/splosh/smudge; charcoal, chalk, pastel, oil bars, quink ink, indian ink, household emulsion, mud,....

We will be:
• Exploring different marks
• Experimenting with materials
• Working on different grounds
• Freeing up technique
• Losing fear of making mistakes (there is no right or wrong! Hooray!)
• Working intuitively, (this project helps with exploring weight, colour, tone, design, composition...without having to think about it. Hooray!)

You will need:
• An apron/overalls/cover up - with any luck we'll all get very messy.
• Your own mark-making materials or a couple of pounds towards group materials

If you haven't tried it before, this is the time to give it a go. Look forward to seeing you on April 13th.


PS total cost per session depends on how many people come - approximately £2 and a contribution towards materials.

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