Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Did anyone notice the tidal surge?

According to the BBC an unusual tidal surge was noticed on Monday 27th June in Cornwall and Devon.  Among the places it was particularly noticeable was St Michael's Mount, did anyone here experience it?

BBC Spotlight Report Not sure how long this report will stay available so probably best to watch it now, it's only a few minutes long.

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This report has just been released:

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  1. Martin Holland29/6/11 4:59 pm

    On Monday at 9am I walked to the Mount on the causwsy at low tide (0840). Just over an hour later the Causeway was closed and I had to take the boat back to Marazion. I have never experienced this sort of tide before. A very weird experience.

    I didn't see or experience any static but it was very bizarre. I had aimed to have a nice stroll back after my visit but there was too much water over the causeway. Caught a lot of people out especially the boatmen and those already on the causeway!