Saturday, 18 June 2011

New Look For Perran's News Page

Hello everyone, it's been ages since I updated the look of the Perranuthnoe site so I thought it about time that I did just that.

The problem was, where to start! I decided on the Village News page as it's the page that most locals visit regularly and it's your opinion I am most interested in at the moment.

There is a voting poll to the right underneath the Facebook badge, please cast your vote to let me know whether I am heading in the right direction or not , no information will be gathered about you.

Please feel free to add your comments below, anonymously is fine I just want your feed back on the new look News Page along with any thoughts you have on what should or should not be included in the future for the whole site in general.

This is a village website and I want it to be useful to everyone, this is your chance to get your opinions in.

Thank you for your time



  1. Kay Bowman18/6/11 7:44 pm


    Please be as honest, critical, harsh as you like, I really need the feed back to be able to make the changes needed/wanted.

    Thanks again

  2. Kay I think this is a wonderful change, the calendar on the right will be usful to residents and visitors alike.

    I also really like the shades of green, a change from most `Bawdy` web sites.


  3. YES!! Well done you - fresh and modern. Christine and Charles

  4. It looks wonderful Kay, the calendar is a great idea!!
    Thanks for all you hard work, I sure its appreciated by all!!


  5. Kay Bowman19/6/11 2:08 pm

    Thank you for your comments, please keep them coming.

    The calendar is a great idea bought to me by Katie Kirk all praise must go to her and the rest of the group not only for the calendar but for all the work they have done and are continuing to do so that we all may benifit from the church room.

    Thanks Katie and Co.

  6. Are you going to up-date the Notice Board? The latest item is March '10 and the oldest is 17th Sept 09. Surely all these items should be deleted.

    The new Village News page is great and I love the calendar on the right. Very helpful. Thanks.

  7. The Notice Board page has not been updated as most people go to the Village News page for all the latest information.

    I have now removed all the links to it, something I should have done a long time ago.

    Thank you for bringing it to my attention

  8. Brilliant. Love the calendar.

  9. Kay,

    As a visitor, to the web page as we only get down once a year, it keeps me going along with Sue's blog. I love it! The colours make me think of warm sunny days down with you all. The calendar's a great addition too (Thanks Katie) Now I know we won't miss the summer teas this year.

    See you all soon

    Ps. It rained all day yesterday, so no promise of lovely weather from Scotland!