Friday, 14 September 2012

Have You Moved To BT Infinity

Would anyone in the village who has moved to BT Infinity or other fibre broadband product this year please contact me on

I am currently processing a high level test complaint through my provider Plusnet regarding the mis-selling of high data speeds. Plusnet have said that the more people who do the same, the more weight it will add to the case.

I am happy to assist anyone with their complaint and I would like to gauge exactly how many fibre customers there are in the area with the same issue.

Many thanks

Mark Taylor


  1. Theresa Strawson14/9/12 6:10 pm

    Hi everyone. As we work from home, we use Zen internet (as recommended by my company's IT department) and they are really good. We have been customers of Zen for a couple of years now. We originally bought broadband from BT but BT could not make our internet connection work. We cancelled and moved to Zen and they solved the (BT related) problem immediately.

    Best wishes,

    1. Mark Taylor15/9/12 8:22 am

      Where in the village are you and can you tell me what speed you are getting please? Are you on one of Zen's fibre/Superfast products? It is specifically the fibre broadband product we are interested in.

      Thanks for your comment

  2. We're interested to know too... we haven't upgraded yet because BT & Talk Talk can't stop our existing phone / internet lines loosing their connection regularly but if / when we solve that problem, superfast broadband is our next mission & I really dont' want to enter into another duff contract so all suggestions gratefully received.
    Katie & David Kirk

    (@ The Old Bakehouse right in the centre of the village)

  3. David Mankin17/9/12 7:40 pm

    Hi all, we had Superfast installed in August. As we also work from home we went for the full 40Mbps download and 10Mbps upload package. Predicted speeds were 27.3Mbps down and 5.7Mbps up. Our ISP assured us that predicted speeds on a fibre connection are normally pretty close. What we're receiving is 12/13Mbps down and a paltry 0.45Mbps up. We've had a succession of BT engineers around (6 in total) all scratching their heads and shocked by the speeds.The engineers all tell me that the green cabinet @ Perran Crossroads is running happily at 100Mbps down and 30Mbps up! But half a mile down the road it dies due to poor cabling. However there is no instant fix until BT spends some money upgrading the wiring system. We also have a high level complaint in with our ISP - Eclipse Internet. BT knows exactly what the problem is but they won't act/spend money until they have a reasonable number of active complaints. I would urge anybody who has been promised high predicted speeds but is not receiving them to complain to their ISP. I have also contacted Superfast Cornwall who partner with BT. I would suggest you copy your complaint to them aswell. This will then be passed to their contacts in BT and exert more pressure. I have been dealing with Lucy Kernan, Project Officer, Superfast Cornwall.

    David and Pippa @ Churchtown House

  4. We had engineer no.4 today (in 3 weeks) who fixed our completely dead phone line but did nothing about the lousy broadband. The good news for us all is that there was a special fault-finding engineer elsewhere in the village today (and tomorrow) who is apparently tasked with sorting out the loss of speed we all encounter as the infamous cable comes down into the village. He said this special engineer has only been assigned to our village because they had received a critical mass of people complaining from Perranuthnoe just lately. Keep up the pressure folks, we might just be getting somewhere... allegedly.

    Katie & David Kirk, The Old Bakehouse.

  5. Mark - St Pirans20/9/12 8:18 am

    What would also be useful is if anyone currently on Superfast who IS getting the speed they were promised (20+ mb/s)) could they also get in touch with me on the email address in my original post at the top. I currently know of one person who does get full speed so we know there does exist a good continuous copper link into the village. I guess the remainder of us are not on it.

  6. Coming in to this discourse a little late! We have had superfast since June (and moved from O2 to Zen); several post installation problems but stable for a while now, and Zen has always been good to work with, but depends on BT for any maintenance work. Our download speed is typically about 12Mbs and upload between 3- 5 Mbps - but both appear to vary quite a bit, with download occasionally dropping dramatically.
    David & Jane Grey, Carn Perran, Churchtown