Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Question About BT Infinity

Hello from a new arrival in Perranuthnoe! Sally and I (plus Rosie our English setter cross) moved into St Pirans Way last week... quick question - our broadband was switched on today but it's only 1.8Mb. Has anybody tried BT Infinity? They predicted 2-4Mb so not sure it's worth the upgrade.
If you see us about say hello!


  1. I get 1.88 with bt infinity hope this helps.
    Chris Ball, Greeb Way

  2. I'm two doors down from you and when I was on each BT infinity I was getting 27 mb changed to talk talk and it is cheaper and now getting 30 mb


    Churchway House

  3. I live on the East side of the village. Download speed 'normal' line, 4.5 Mb. Talktalk service provider quoted 15Mb on fibre. Talktalk may be less expensive, but their Customer Service is a serious NIGHTMARE. External line fault occurred after OR replaced about 1/4 mile of overhead cable. 60% of the time I cannot 'break the dial tone' outgoing calls, and cannot speak to incoming calls. Now, over a month later, after 5 engineers I still have the same fault. Just mentioned this to see if anyone else is having this problem. Join TalkTalk at you own risk. They should come with a 'Health Warning'! KIF Wood.

  4. Thanks, all. I'm with TalkTalk already (and under contract) so have ordered their fibre. Chris: sounds like you're paying for something you're not getting? KIF- point taken but the copper bits strung around the village are the responsibility of BT Openreach so you can't blame TalkTalk for that! Hello, Andrew :-) Peter (&Sally)

  5. Hi Peter and Sally we live in the Church Town part of the village and currently get about 10MB with Infinity. Although before engineers sorted out our connection we were getting less than 2.
    Mike Ball